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Posted by: Sunshine | 2011/12/06


How to stop nite feeds

Hi,my son is 15months old,and he still needs his nite feeds,he drinks two bottles of 225ml of Nido formula during the night,could it be that he just refuses to eat anything?i always mix his formular with rice cereal so that he can atleast have something in,how do i get him to eat and stop the night feeds?Tried everything,fruits,veges,cereals........
Thank you in-advance!

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It is very probably due to the fact that your baby son does not eat solids that cause him to wake at night for feeds. Of course he has also become very used to thes night feeds.At his age he should be eating solids. The rice cereal you add to his Nido will only provide a little extra nutrition.I hope that one of our excellent regular forum members will be able to advise you about getting your son to eat. Continue to always offer him his food before you give him any Nido during the day and at supper time.Try one food at a time and only once he is eating that food introduce the next one. All his food should be very finely mashed.

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Posted by: CJvR | 2011/12/08

My son is also still feeding at night. He is now almost 14 months old. Everyone says give him water, and believe me, I have tried, but he still cries. I don''t think it''s habit in my case, but hunger. Once he has a feed he sleeps through the rest of the night.

I also battle with solids. Although he eats, he does not eat enough. Perhpas once I get him to eat enough he may sleep through. He chews his food, but spit out, he does not swallow...

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Posted by: Nini | 2011/12/06

I also wanted to add that now is probably a very good time to let him start feeding himself. I am not sure if he is currently doing so, but having your mealts together is a good start: So give him his food in a bowl and give him a spoon as well, then you eat your food and pay NO attention to him whatsoever.. Let him experiment, and so he will teach himself, and have some fun doing it! Finger foods are great, but using a spoon like big people do is way more fun for some kids!

If he messes, let him be. If he takes a nice big bite, clap and fuss. It will take a few days to master it, but it certainly will make meal times more fun. I find when I pay attention to my daughter when she eats then it''s all fun and games, and she plays with her food! But the moment I pay no attention to her whatsoever, but I am sitting next to her eating my own food, then I find she eats well. Just something to think about...

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Posted by: Nini | 2011/12/06

I personally think that he doesnt eat well because he is getting everything he needs from his night feeds. He is old enough to not really rely on a night feed anymore, so perhaps start by diluting the night bottles with more water (so less formula, more water), and dont put the rice cereal in. Each night (or second night) put less and less formula in, until eventually it''s just water.

His body will soon adjust to the change, and he will be hungry for food - so he will therefore start eating more solids before bedtime, and in effect this will reduce his milk feeds. Even if he fusses and doesnt want the diluted formula, you will need to be persistant and not give in. He will probably cry for a night or 2, but he will soon realise that it''s this or nothing.

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