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Posted by: Sj | 2011/11/18


How to get baba o sleep!!!!???

Hi There

I have a heathly little 19 Month old baba. We have a good routine going. When i get home we play a bit and then we eat and at 7 its bath time then we will relax until 8 pm then its bed time.

I will lie on the bed with her until she falls asleep. I have tried all of the different ways to get her to fall asleep in her own bed but no luck. So i dont mind lying with her until she is asleep.

She is a very restless sleeper in the first place. She uses her bottle as her " blankie"  she doesnt realy drink it she will just hold on to it. With the occasonal suck on it. I have tried giving her an empty bottle that does not work. I have tried putting water in the bottle that does not work. She will wake up at night looking for a bottle and thats fine i will give her one. But it is just getting worse and worse. She will wake up crying for no reason (might be nightmares?) and i will put her in the bed with me and my husband just to try and get some sleep. That helped for a while but not anymore she will get in with us and the same story will start wake up for the bottle and then wake up crying. And will decide that she doesnt need to sleep anymore around 5am some mornings. I am realy at my end i feel so draind and still have to go to work every day. I feel like i am hitting a wall with this and my brain feels like mash. I realy need some help!

She does not oversleep during the day. She has maybe 30min to 1 hour sleep a day. No more we cant get her to sleep longer.

Please let me know if there is something over the counter that i might be able to use to get her in a bit of a sleep pattern of more relaxed. I have tried the sister lillian sleep rescure and that was a real waste of money for us.

Please any advise will be greatly appreciated.

A very tired mommy

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You seem to have tried all the usual methods to help your little girl to sleep better. The question is why does she find it so difficult to fall asleep becuase you are doing all the right things and she still cannot sleep. Does she have a blocked nose which keeps her awake or does she perhaps have silent reflux causing her discomfort when she lies down? She has nor responded to using Rescue drops and other sedatives are unlikely to help her. It would be worthwhile asking your doctor or clinic sister to see her to find out if there is any obvious reason for her sleep problem.I also hope that our regular forum memebers will offer you some advice.

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Posted by: Jane Janse van Rensburg | 2011/11/23

Hi, I had the same problem with my baby since she was about 5 months old. She use to get very bad stomach cramps as a baby and even worse when she started eating cereal. Advice given to me was ''teething'', ''allergice to gluten'', ''problems with her ears'', etc. etc. At one stage she used to wake me up every 30 min. Somedays it went well and other times I thought I was going mad.

She just turned 1 year old and I took her to a peadiatrician that took an abdomen x-ray and found that she was very badly constipated. She is sleeping much better during the day now and doesn''t keep me up until 10 pm before going to bed. She also use to wake up at 3 in the morning and doesn''t want to sleep anymore. She now sleeps from around 6:30pm to 6am before she wakes up to start her day.

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Posted by: mgk | 2011/11/21

My daughter did not go to sleep on her own or sleep through the night until 4 years old. I tried everything. My son slept through since he was 5 weeks old (10pm until about 5am, now 8pm until 7am).

I everthing the same with the 2 children, I am just assuming that different things work for different children.

An believe me I had me fair share of " advice"  for my daughter, but in the end we just accepted her and waited it out.

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Posted by: Peaches | 2011/11/21

Hi Sj,

Try to check out her ears. It could be painful for her to sleep as when they lie down, their ears hurt. My 2 year old was also an insomniac and we went to the ENT and he ended up having glue ear. He had grommets put in and now he sleeps through the night. He also had a bottle as a comforter, he just nibbled on the teat, did not really drink anything, but has now given up on that.

Hope you come right.

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