Posted by: gran | 2005/12/13


Grandson a handful.

My daughter is at the end of her tether with her six month old son.
From an early age he has only cat napped during the day and wakes up 2 or 3 times during the night for bottles.
This has left my daughter very tired and with frazzled nerves.
He demands her attention 24/7 and will continue crying until he gets it. He throws tantrums and when she picks him up he grabs her face and rubs his face on hers. He thows himself backwards and screams and lies on the floor and tries to stand on his head.
Do we put this down to pure naughtyness and smack him at the tender age of 6 months or should we be concerned with this type of behaviour and get some help with coping with new responsibility?

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Your grandson is very young to be having temper tantrums.He will not respond to the usual advice of ignoring the episode or leaving the room as he is too young.It would be worthwhile having a check up by his paediatrician as there may just be a physical reason for his behaviour such as a food allergy or food intolerance.

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Posted by: Annie | 2005/12/15

Must agree with Purple here - don't mean to sound rude, but it is common knowledge that you won't be getting much sleep with a baby. I have twins, and they never slept during the day from easily 4 weeks onwards. My paed told me that some babies sleep during the day, and others not. You have to live with it. With their year check-up I was concerned because they still refused to sleep during the day, and he reassured me by telling me that intelligent babies don't need to sleep during the day. At least they sleep very well at night.

My advice will be, other than taking the baby to his paed - lots of love, attention and patience. I've learned that patience is the keyword to a calm baby.

All the best - and enjoy your little one, the grow up far too quickly.

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Posted by: Purple | 2005/12/13

A baby under a year old is not capable of being naughty. To smack a baby is child abuse plain and simple.

Some baby's do just cat nap rather than sleep well during the day. Your daughter should try contacting a sleep expert for some help on this though. They are listed in the back of the Baby Magazines by area. Also, now that baby is over 6 months and on solids, she could try introducing some routine, this might help with the sleeping.

All baby's wake up at night, except some very lucky mothers have baby's who sleep through from about 8 weeks old. Waking twice a night at 6 months old is quite normal. Yes, we are all tired from this, but that is just life. Most kids only truly sleep through the night at around 3 years.

The baby sounds like it is desperately trying to get some physical attention from its mother - a cuddle - that sort of very necessary human contact. Your daughter needs to pick her baby up, cuddle it as much as possible, play with it - stimulating games - shake a rattle for it, put it on its tummy on an activity gym, lie it on its back on an activity gym, put toys just out of reach so baby will wiggle towards them when on its tummy.

The arching backwards sounds like pain - is baby not having a reaction to the formula or to a new food thats been tried? If she is feeding baby cereal, these are a common cause of bloating and abdominal pain.

I think she needs to take her baby to a peadiatrician for a check up, and both of you need to read a book like "what to expect: the first year" which gives a lot of advice on normal development.

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