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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/06/08



my 15 month old goes to a daymother a few days a week. she gets alot of love there, but my worry is about the environment, which is not very clean. there are dogs and cats which have not been dewormed and the place is generally not clean, there are lots of flies around, the dogs are in and out of the house with muddy paws all day. my baby has had her share of colds but nothing too serious, but she was in hosp recently for dehydration due to adeno virus. this was the sickest she has ever been. my question is... am i being overly cautious worrying about germs or should i send her to another daycare? ps. there are no other children at the daymother. thanks doc

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This does not appear to be an ideal place for your baby with the exception that she is the only child there.Her recent adenovirus infection is of concern. It may be best to either move her or to have a very open discussion about your concerns with the daymother.

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Posted by: Purple | 2009/06/08

Pesonally, I wouldn' t send my child to an unhygenic environment no matter how much love he got there.
Perhaps that is why there are no other children with the day mother.

Although she won' t come to harm from the animals unless she is allergic to them, they really should be dewormed. Deworming medicine can' t be used on your child before about age 2 according to the package inserts, but we had an incident where my son drank from our cats water bowl at 9 months old and our pead advised me on deworming him and quantities etc (and we deworm our animals every 6 months).

Soft toys should be washed in a washing machine when they are looking grubby and hard toys should be washed in the dishwasher or sink regularly and all toys should be kept in toy boxes and not just scattered on the floor.

The nappy changing area shouldn' t be near areas where food is prepared and shouldn' t be in the babies play area either (though it usually is - but then the nappies should be thrown away outside immediately rather than putting them in nappy sacks and emptying the bin once or twice a day). Hands should be washed after every nappy change even if gloves are worn during nappy changes.

Bottles and food preparation should be separate from other areas although you should sterilise your bottles at home. Bottles that have milk in them must be sterilised or washed in the diswashser for as long as they are used for milk. Other things don' t need to be sterilised after 6 months. Before a year I would sterilise bottles and not just rely on the heat of the dishwashser water but after a year baby should be OK with dishwasher washing. teats should continue to be scrubbed with salt though so long as they are used on milk bottles.

Carpets and floors where baby plays should be vacumed or mopped daily - especially if animals walk on them.

There should also be plenty of fresh air. Noses should be clean and wiped. When I looked for a pre-primary school for my son I found lots of day care centres along the way and immediately scratched them off my list if children were running around with runny noses. Yes, children' s noses run, but they need to be wiped when they run. It can be done and it is laziness if it isn' t.

Children should have a dedicated pillow and mattrass and bedding for sleeping on and this should be washed at least weekly and should also be washed if baby is sick.

If the day mother is not attending to basic hygiene - what is she like with regard to safety?
If there is a swimming pool - does it have a net with a float on it (a fence isn' t good enough as children put chairs next to fences and climb over).
Do children play in an area that a car could drive into (garden' s should be fenced off from drive ways).
Are there plug covers on plug points?
Do kettle cords hang over counters begging to be pulled? Table cloths? which way do the handles on pots on the stove face? Are buckets of water used for mopping or saoking put up on counters or left in bathrooms or common areas?

If she isn' t doing these basic things, then what does she do about stimulating your baby with games and toys? If there is no knowledge of something basic like cleanliness - then what does she know about children' s development?

By posting this post you are obviously worried, but personally, I would find somewhere better.

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