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Formula choice and/or getting breast milk back

I breast fed exclusively for 5 weeks and then had to return to work, I expressed at work so that baby had milk for the following day this went well for 2 weeks,I then started taking microval and slowly as I was expressing, less was being produced although I fed all weekend and at night.Due to not having enough milk to leave for babe I bought formula decided to try NAN as I thought it''''s well known but it is constipating baby so I tried the perlargon but baby does not like the taste he pushes it away. I would really like to breast feed but babe gets impatient for food due to nothing or very little coming out, i would like to try and breast feed should i stop taking the pill? what formula is recommended that does not constipate for day time while I am at work?

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Try Lactogen1.

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Posted by: Purple | 2010/03/01

I can''t really answer on the formula as I think they all constipate babies because of the iron.

Did your gynae or midwife certify that you could go back to work after only 5 weeks? You aren''t supposed to go back to work until at least 6 weeks so that you can heal properly (whether you have had c-section or a natural birth, it takes about this long), an also, breastfeeding is only just getting properly established at 6 weeks.

You can get baby breastfeeding again.
Try to get hold of Medela or an agent and by a supplementary nutrition system (they don''t sell them in the baby shops). Women who have had breast reductions use these, as do moms who are breastfeeding adopted babies.
The SNS is a little bottle that you hang over your shoulder, you then tape tubes onto your nipples. You can fill the bottle with formula or expressed breastmilk (EBM) and baby then latches onto your breasts and is stiumulating your breasts to produce more milk, while at the same time is getting either EBM or formula so they aren''t getting frustrated at their being no milk.
Generally you have to introduce this before 6 weeks though, otherwise baby gets annoyed with the little tubes on your nipples - still, I''d give it a try if I were you. it''s the standard medela bottle, so at worst you just have another bottle for expressing.

Expressing at work is tough and does usually to some extent maintain your milk supply, but doing this before 6 weeks would not maintain your supply. It is only at 6 weeks that supply and demand is properly established. The way you were expressing and then feeding whenever you were with baby is quite correct, it was just too early in your breastfeeding relationship.

To increase your supply at this point (even before you have the SNS), whenever you are with baby, latch her onto your breast for a bit so that she latches on properly and even if there is just a few drops there, that she does drink that. Then immediately express for 3 - 5 minutes on each breast. At first you might not get anything or just 10ml, but over about a week it will start to increase. Do this around the clock if it is possible.
You can give this milk to your baby in the sns, or by bottle, or you can store it up until you have enough for a whole feed and leave that for her on one of your work days.
Always offer breast, expressed milk and then formula so that she is getting the maximum amount of breastmilk.

On your bottles, use the size 2 teats for 6 - 18 months and not hte newborn ones, as this makes nipple confusion less likely as they are closer to the shape and size of your breast and nipples.

I''d suggest you get in contact with the la leche league in your area or an international board certified lactation consultant for some help though.
As baby is still latching on without a problem, half the battle is won, it''s just getting your milk supply up again - which although it is tough, is definitely possible.

The microval should only make a very slight difference to your milk supply. If you are concerned about this, have the mirena inserted as it doesn''t affect milk supply, or go off the microval and use condoms until you have your milk supply back on track and then you can use the microval again.
Breastfeeding does suppress ovulation - but don''t rely on it as a form of contraception, it doesn''t always supress ovulation.

I hope you manage to get breastfeeding again.

There are other moms who have done this who you will find on the breastfeeding peer forum. It''s not a hugely active forum, but go back and read the older posts and if you post, people will respond - people check often.

There is also a brilliant web site hosted by an american IBCLC that you can find at w w w dot kellymom dot c o m
It''s all evidence based.

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