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Posted by: Laurene | 2012/02/26



Dear Doc,
I have a 10 year old uncircumcised son. Recently we noticed that he finds it difficult to retract his foreskin as this is something that he never used to do until now. He also said that the penis head is very sensitive and he doesn''t like the feeling when he touches the head. Should we be concerned? My son has no pain, discomfort, disharge or redness of his penis. I have heard that it is important to clean beneath the foreskin. Is this true? I have tried to find information in medical books but have been unable to determine if this is normal. I would appreciate your answer. Thanking you in advance.

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There is no need to try to retract your son's foreskin.Just was his penis gently with a soft washcloth.

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Posted by: Kathy | 2012/03/01

My son had to be circumcised for the same problems that your son had. Started with issues retracting his foreskin, which was very tight, his head was oversensitive and the foreskin was painful when retracted. Urologist suggested circumcision after checking his problems. He was circumcised at 12, understood why it was done and really likes the look and feel of his penis this way.

My son has never had any issues since and is now 18. Certainly a consideration. It was the best thing we could have done for him.

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Posted by: Kari | 2012/03/01

Laurene, I disagree with the pediatrician on this based on your statement. He is 10 years old and retracting his foreskin should be something that is possible for most boys at his age. If its difficult to retract, he could have a slight case of phimosis or tightening of the foreskin. That is not good. DO NOT let any doctor prescribe steroid creams for your son''s foreskin. This thins out the foreskin and significantly increased his chances of having to get circumcised as an older adult, because any and all steroid creams thin out the skin and its starts to tear very easily. If he has any tearing, when retracting his foreskin, circumcision is the only permanent solution. My husband had issues with his foreskin not able to retract around the same age, doctor diagnosed him with phimosis and tried to strech it over time, but in the end it started to tear more and got stuck behind the head a few times as well. He had to get circumcised as a young adult after years of problems.

This did result in a much better quality of life for him as well as myself as I had been with him before circumcision. Considering his issues with his foreskin, we decided to have our son circumcised as an infant. He is now a young adult himself and have thanked us both for having it done when he was a baby. His best friend had something similar to what your son is going through around 15 years of age and had to get circumcised.

A circumcised penis is much cleaner, easier to deal with and really, if done right by a urologist that knows what he or she is doing, it is completely trouble free.

As for his glans (head) being very sensitive, that is normal. Encourage him to keep his foreskin retracted as much as possible, so that the glans can get used to being exposed and gets air. The over sensitivity will go away or decrease significantly.

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