Posted by: Anita | 2004/11/01


Feeding Problems - 5 month old son


Don't know if this should be a cause for concern yet, but I'm struggling to get my son to eat.

I've tried everything!! Jumping up and down, making funny noises etc.. just to get him to eat. Still nothing. As soon as I put a spoon in his mouth, he wants to throw up.

He is drinking his Nestle Porridge through his bottle in the mornings and evenings, and during the day he drinks NAN 1.

What can I do to get him to eat?

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It sounds as if your son is getting more than enough and is growing well. There is no need to be concerned about his poor eating at present and you may consider to remove the porridge in the bottle to encourage him to eat better.

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/11/05

Your baby should generally be on some type of solid food by about 8 months at the latest. Baby can mash with gums at this age, so no need to liquidize all food, just mash roughly.

A baby doesn't need teeth for eating solids.

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Posted by: dr anonymous | 2004/11/04

Here are some facts:

A child can actually be exclusively breastfed (no food, juice, etc) until the child is sitting & has some teeth!
A child needs nutrients from solids after 10m0-1yr (also about the time the teeth are few).
Milk is your baby's food until 10mo-1yr!

So if your breast fed baby is refusing to eat, pack it away!

Also, if your baby is a "bottle" baby, then it is advisable to start at 6mo and that too VERY slowely.
1st week only breakfast, 2nd week breakfast & lunch, 4th week all three meals & in another 3months or so can you start snacks.

"purple's" advice above is quite good.

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Posted by: Marg | 2004/11/02

You know what I gave my daugther food in the bottle too to try get her to sleep throught, it didnt work but it didnt harm her in any way. I just think if you want to try doing things alittle earlier then try them, I the old days when our parents brought us up they didnt have all the books and internet like we do. So just keep trying. My daughter didnt like lumps in her food and tried to bring it up but now she loves her food. Mash the food alittle and the fruit purity they seem to like because its smooth and runny.
Im sure in time he will start eating with no problem.

Some children just dont like eating my friends little girl is 1 and still does not like lumps in her food.

Good luck

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/11/01

Your son should not be on solids until 6 months.

I suggest that you stop feeding him porridge etc and wait until he meets the developmental signs for solids:

-tongue thrust reflex is gone (he doesn't spit food out if you put it in his mouth)
-he grabs for food that you are eating
-he recognises food as food
-he is sitting up nicely (supported in your lap)
-when he grabs things, he can put them purposefully in his mouth (he isn't still banging his forehead and nose with them)
-when you put a dollop of food in front of him on the high chair, he shows interest in it, plays with it and puts it in his mouth.

You should never feed porridge in a bottle.

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