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Posted by: Worried | 2011/10/18


Feeding and Fussy

My little Girl of 1month and 2 weeks, every time we feed she turns her head and screams, refusing to drink, we do suspect GAS, but dont know due to she does pass wind regularly, we tried different formulas, as she started in hospital with NAN but got constipated, then we tried lactogen, seemed to help a bit, and finaly we tried SOY, and its even worse. On lactogen she was happy, slept and drank, but vomited every 12 hrs, the thrust kind. Please help!

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It seems that you should change your baby girl's formula again.She did well on Lactogen but vomited twice a day on it.It is difficult to advise which formula to use as it is not clear which of several possible problems with the formulas your baby may have. She may be allergic to milk or she may have lactose intolerance or she may have colic or she may have reflux.Lactose free formulas will cause her to be constipated.Try her on NAN Pelargon first to see if she can tolerate this formula. Let me know how she gets on.

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Posted by: Cindy | 2011/10/19

She sounds just like my little one was a few months back. I also used NAN at first but I changed to a different one provided by the Romanian government (I am South African but I live and gave birth in Romania).
My little girl had BAD colic and terrible gas. She would also push the bottle away after just a few gulps and she would scream when passing gas or BM.
How often are you feeding her? Are you sure that her cries are that of hunger? Sometimes my little one would cry and, at first, I thought it was due to hunger but it was just because of gas pains. I would sit on the edge of my bed with a pillow on my thighs. Then I''d place her on the pillow perpendicular to my body. I then slowly sway my legs from left to right. This would relax her enough so that I could give her a " tummy massage" . I tried the slow side to side rub but it did not work for me. Then I tried a different massage.....gently press on the lower left abdomen with your middle and index fingers. Then press softly slightly up and in the middle (by the belly button) and then again on the right side. So you form a kind of triangle. VERY gentle. You should hear or at least feel the gas move. You may want to lift her up from time to time. I found that tummy time also helped BUT not immediately after a feed.
These are just some things that helped for me. Try to comfort her more and stretch out the times between her feeds. Maybe she isn''t hungry enough. Also, if you feed her and she eats a very little.....she will be hungry again soon. If you feed her every half an hour, you can make her gas worse. These are all things that other mothers and doctors told me.
Every baby is different and I really hope that things come right for you.
Good luck and don''t lose hope!
x x x x x

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Posted by: Worried | 2011/10/19

Thank you for the reply, I am worried on changing her formulas to much as i have heard and read that it isnt healthy at such a young age, she has me and my wife up all day and cries all day, but tends to sleep well at night and sleeps 4-6 hours. We just tried SOY this week, but she''d drink maybe 3-4 gulps then push away and kick and scream like its hurting her.

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