Posted by: Kippie | 2004/11/08


Dreams in Babies

Maybe someone can help if they experience the same.
My baby boy sometimes wakes up about 2 hours after he went to bed crying uncontrolable and very heartbroken. He is only 5 months old.
Do they have bad dreams at this age or what can the cause be.
I have checked that he is not too hot, dry and fed. He gets loads of attention at home being "'n laatlammetjie" and goes to creche during the day time. After being loved and the crying being stopped he goes back to sleep with no problem at all and then sleeps good for the rest of the night.

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We really do not know why this happens, it may be dreams or something similar. The most important thing is that your baby is otherwise well and thriving.

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/11/09

I can't believe that you actually get people who would say something so ridiculous as spirits coming and pinching the baby.

I'm glad you didn't believe them, they obviously are not quite on the planet with the rest of us.

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Posted by: Mum | 2004/11/09

My five month old daughter has also woken up a few times just screaming, I also try to comfort her in all types of ways. She eventually goes to sleep again. Someone told me that it is spirits that come and harrass the babies, like pinch them. I didn't believe her. I also didn't know what to make of the screaming and I also wondered if it was bad dreams but I still don't know what causes that to happen

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Posted by: Norma | 2004/11/09

Hi Kippie,

Glad to see you have joined...

My boy is 4 months, 7.5kg's and 65cm. Nice big boy.....
We had a birthday party on Sunday and he was very active, lots of attention from diffr people. Sunday night was terrible. He moaned and was very restless...... But, last night was great, he slept till 6 this morning.. So I think overstimulation is a factor. Maybe try to calm him an hour or two before bed time. Ask the girls to read him a story or sing to him.....

About the solids...
As you know my boy is also big, I stared giving him "Rys pap" when he was 8weeks old (in his milk) He is now 4 months and loves his "pap" in the morning. He also eats butternut purity, and I give him "appel & wortel sap" ( home made). His teath starts to itch and I bought him "vingerkoekies". He loves it....
So........ I also read everything about the disadvantages of giving solids to early, but maybe it's diffr with bigger baby's?

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/11/08

My friends and I (a group of about 6 mums) all experienced this with our babies between 4 and 6 months. They would also wake sometimes and do enormous burps. We also just cuddled and rocked back to sleep and had the same thing, where they would sleep happily after that.

We also put the waking up screaming down to bad dreams. We thought they dreamed about the sensory input they'd received all day.

It seemed to be worse on days when we had been out and about with our babies a lot. Perhaps it was to do with overstimulation.

It just stopped completely at about 6 months.

I hope the paed can shed some light, as its quite distressing hearing that heart broken little scream. We asked our paeds, the lactation consultant, and the nurse at our clinic, but none of them had ever come across it before. Our mothers claimed that none of us had done it as babies.

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