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Posted by: Kim | 2011/03/23


Discipline 2yrs old

Pls advice on how to discipline a 2yr old, my son is in that terrible two stage, where he throws himself on the floor throws everything in sight, and says NO for everything. I am very at fault i know, cos i give into him so easily, i just cant take the nagging and crying. Which means he ever so often gets a sweet, cos it will keep him quiet for a bit. He understands quite a bit, so i''m sure he understands when i say no, but yet he continues...

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Your son is having typical 'temper tantrums' which are very common at this age.You must be firm when he starts with a tantrum. Tell him to 'Stop that!' in a clear,firm voice, no pleading with him and certainly no sweets. If he does not listen immediately take him to his room and close the door. He must not be allowed out until he is completely quiet and he must say that he is sorry. Do this each and every time that he starts with a tantrum. He will soon learn that he had better stop this kind of behaviour.

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Posted by: Purple | 2011/03/23

This is pretty normal behaviour for a two year old, but unfortunately by giving in, you make it happen more often (as he learns its an effective way to get what he wants) and you make the tantrum phase last longer (same reason).

You need to teach him that having a tantrum doesn''t get him what he wants.
Firstly, when you see one brewing, try to distract him.
Where that doesn''t work, walk away into another room - nobody, even toddlers, perform without an audience.
If he follows you, then put him in his room for time out (one minute per year of age) and if he hasn''t calmed down in that time, leave him in there til he does.
When he is calm, try to talk to him about hte problem - though this won''t really be effective until he is about three and a half, occassionally your child will surprise you.

You need to follow these steps consistently every time.

Also remember that there are many ways to say no without actually using the word itselfl, which can sometimes reduce the number of tantrums.

Also, there are some times when tantrums are more likely - as nap time is approaching, when they are hungry or thirsy, bath time etc.

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