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Posted by: KB | 2010/01/15


Crying, moaning, and some more crying

Please help and give me advice. My almost 3 year old LG cries every time she does not get her way. As soon as she hears the words " No"  she will put on a show and perform. She is not sick, she is not hurt, I don' t know what to do anymore. We' ve been trying the " naughty corner/bathroom"  and she will perform whilst there as well. When she comes out she will apologise (only because we ask her). But then a few minutes pass and exactly the same thing happens all over again. I am at my last end now. To be honest I think she is just spoilt. She had her way since baby and she' s got all the toys in the world but she will not play with it unless we sit with her and play.. She can' t really keep herself busy, she wants me next to her at all times. I can' t cook at night, I can' t do anything. And to top it all off I' ve got a one year old LG as well (which also started crying alot lately - seperation anxiety). Please, what am I doing wrong? My husband is fed up as well and he even wants to send her to a doctor to see if something is wrong. LOL. She' s a very loveable child, but the crying is driving is crazy. She started creche again Wednesday and she' s been crying this morning going to school in the car. I think that is normal though. But what are we as parent doing wrong? She gets an enormous amount of attention and love. It breaks my heart, cause I love her so much and I only want her to be happy.

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You are not doing anything wrong.Your daughter is having temper tantrums which are common at this age. You must ignore these teantrums. Say " Stop doing that!' only once in a clear firm voice. No pleading.If she continues with the tantrum send her to her room.Keep her there until she stops.She must say 'sorry' on her own or she does not bcome out.If she starts again when she is out of her room put her back again. You must be very firm and clear about what you expect from her. Of course your daughter also has a new baby in her life. Get her to help with the baby by giving her small tasks to do as the 'big sister' She also has separation anxiety when going to creche.She needs lots of reassurance about this and will settle down.

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Posted by: NICE MOMMY | 2010/01/17

I have 4 kids and 2 adoptive kids.

The only way you get into their minds is by showing them who is boss.. Give them a hiding and they will soon understand that no is no and it doesnt mean give a performance!

All the best :)

Posted by: Rachael | 2010/01/15

Maybe you are trying to over-compensate because you have two little children who need a lot of attention. Be very firm with her, even if it makes you feel bad. Rather be very firm, than losing your temper at a point, then feeling even worse. Don' t give in too easily to things she wants. Both you and dad need to give the same sort of attitude, then she will see you are serious. At this age they understand more than you realise and can be manipulative in their own innocent way. Good luck!

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Posted by: Zita de Freitas | 2010/01/15

I know what you are going through my 2 and half year old daughter can be just as bad at times. Its normal, what I have learnt is not to give her any attention when she is throwing a tantrum. Its hard and you have to be very patient. When she is screaming and carrying on like that I walk away and carry on with whatever around the house, she eventually realises that her behaviour isnt getting her any attention and she stops. Then once she is quiet I go up to her and give her a hug and see what it is she wants etc. Takes a lot of patience!!!!! Good luck!!

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