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Posted by: Desperate | 2010/09/14


Controlled Crying

Please could you give more infor on controlled crying method.


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Please look this up on Google.

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Posted by: Nini | 2010/09/14

Im no expert, just a mother with experience: Provided your little one''s weight is sufficient and she is gaining weight, she''s feeding well and is happy, you can do this method:
If she wakes up at night, wait 5 minutes before you attend to her. Then you go in to let her know you''''re there, assure her it''s okay, mommy''s here, go to sleep, and leave the room. She will probably still be crying. Wait 5 minutes before you go in to check on her. Again, go in, assure her everything is okay, mommy''s here, go to sleep, then leave the room again. This time wait 10 minutes. Repeat this, adding 5 minutes to each interval, until she eventually goes to sleep. Once she''s asleep just check on her that she''s okay... Do this everytime she wakes. The second night, start by making your first wait 10 minutes, and not 5 like the first night. Repeat this again by adding 5 minutes onto each interval. Third night, same story. This method usually takes anywhere from 3 days to 1 week to work. It''s tough, but the results are worth the effort, trust me!!!! Also, it will get worse before it gets better, so be prepared. And you''ll have at least 1 bad night again about a week later, where she''ll probably test you one last time. The key is to persevere, stay consistent, dont quit, and be strong. Make sure everyone at home is on the same page as you about what is happening too - The last thing you want is someone questioning you at 02:00 in the morning!!!!!!!! It''s tough, breaks your heart to hear them cry, but the long term results definately outweigh the short term drama. Also, just make sure baby is not sick, and that she is actually ready to go that long without a feed. (maybe a visit to doc) Also use this method if you struggle with her bedtime at night. Good luck...

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Posted by: Sheila | 2010/09/14

Hi Desperate,

I have been in the same situation as you and was surviving on 3 hours sleep and working full day.

I started leaving a bottle in my baby''s bed, so that when he woke, he would find his bottle and fall back asleep.

Controlled crying is where you let your baby cry for a time, say 30 seconds, you go in and comfort him and then leave the room. Then you extend that time to 1 minute, go in comfort him and leave. With my baby, he cried about 5 cries and then settled back down and went back to sleep. I seldom get up anymore. Try putting Teejel on your baby''s gums, or Vidol powders as this maybe upsetting him/her.

I wish you all the best, hang in there!

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