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I will have to start at the beginning to give you all the information.My baby girl(Hayleigh) is 4 weeks old.She is a breast baby, but about a week ago, late on a sunday night, mommy didn''t have any milk. So I rushed to find a pharmecy, but with no avail.At the end I turnd to the Engen Shot and got Lactogin. Hayleigh was very happy about the much needed food, but about an hour later she sufferd massive cramps. The next day I got Similac Allimentum. I was told this would work better. She is back on the breast since the milk has returnd, but we gave an extra feeding a day with the Similac. I think she got constipated from this. She didn''t poo for about 2 days. She would push and get red in her face an cry. So we put in a glycerin suppository. 30 secons later, she made the biggest poo every, but it was runny. This was laste week friday. Since then this happend every day. Late afternoon, she would push and get redfaced and cry, we would slip the pill and out come a huge poo. Is she really constipated? I know it is not good to use the suppository, but her tummy is very hard and blown up until we give it to her. The she relaxes and sleeps well. what should we do? I hate seeing my baby girl in pain, but dont want to make her bowl movement lazy...

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It is obvious that your baby became very constipated when given Lactogen and the Similac is also aggravating this problem. If your wife is now able to do so she should exclusively breast feed your baby for as long as she can, 6 months being the shortest period. There is the possibility that your baby is allergic to cow's milk and you will need to be careful about choosing a low allergy formula when the time comes to wean her off the breast.

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Posted by: PUrple | 2011/03/16

Probably, if stools are hard then constipation is likely.
Formula is known for constipating babies because of the iron added to it, as its only partially absorbed. The poo can sometimes be green from the iron too.

However, straining while doing a poo is normal in newborn babies even with normal breastfed baby poo, and is not a sign of constipation. However, crying while they poo isn''t the norm.

The paed does answer questions every day and will be able to tell y ou if this is constipation and if you have set up a situation where she can only go when she has the suppository (though I don''t think glycerine has that effect).

Glad the info on breastfeeding was helpful.

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Posted by: Hercules | 2011/03/16

Thank you so much for the feedback. This helps alot.
So your conclution is also that baby is constipated?

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Posted by: Purple | 2011/03/16

Stop giving hte formula that is the cause of the problem and is going to reduce milk supply.

Your wife did not have no milk, what happens when a breastfeeding woman gets very stressed because baby is crying and baby won''t latch etc is that her let down reflex can be inhibited (the let down reflex is the feeling of the hindmilk mixing in with the foremilk).
The best bet when this happens is for you to comfort baby and take baby for a walk, for your wife to have a warm shower or bath, drink a cup of tea and relax for a few minutes and then try again.

Baby will cry through this and if your wife can hear this it will stress her more, however, trying to relax makes it better. Remember that through this time, baby has been getting the foremilk so has been geting some milk.

Your wife must not worry if she doesn''t feel the let down reflex (tingling) not everyone does.

Remember that babies are often unsettled in the evenings and cry more than at other times of hte day - its not called suicide hour for nothing.

Also remember that at around 2 weeks and again at 4 - 6 weeks a baby has a growth spurt where they want to feed really often. This is not a sign of low milk supply, it is a sign that baby is making more milk by demanding more. Many women are told by people without much breastfeeding knowledge that they have no milk or very little milk and must give formula when this happens. This just results in mom making less milk and then developing a low milk supply and eventually giving up breastfeeding.
A growth spurt lasts about 4 days to a week and baby might feed every hour or hour and a half during this time, but will revert to their usual pattern thereafter.
This will happen on and off all through childhood - but in babies you notice it with the breastfeeding most prominently at about 2 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 12 weeks, 4 months, 6 months and 9 months. Of course once baby is on solids after 6 months the effect on breastfeeding is far less dramatic as they just tend to have more solids so you dont'' really breastfeed any more often, though there will usually be increased night waking in that time. (most breastfed babies still need the nutrition of night feeds till around 7 months, though some lucky mums don''t have this and their babies sleep through from as early as 8 weeks).

Try contacting the la leche leage or an international board certified lactation consultant in your area for some help.

Hope baby''s poo issues are sorted out soon.

Up until about 6 weeks she should be doing 2 - 5 poos a day, breastfed babies only reduce their poos per day from 6 weeks (though some still poo so much). AFter 6 weeks they might go up to about 5 days without a poo.

Even with the constipation now, the breasetfeeding should help as it has a laxative effect, so perhaps your wife can try offering hte breast more often in an attempt to help with this.

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