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Posted by: Musa | 2012/04/23


colic and wind


my daughter is 4 weeks and she is suffering from colic and a lot of gas, her paed has prescribed buscopan and reuteri drops and they don''t seems to help, she also cries a lot when she has to pass her stool.
my aunt suggested telament drops, and there''s also colic calm drops which were suggested but I am weary of using any medication on her because she still very small and has eczema.
Please do advise what to use to help my little girl.

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If your baby has eczema this is a sign that she is an allergic baby. Her most likely allergy is to cow's milk.Is she being breast fed? If she is,do not drink any cow's milk and also avoid eggs and all nuts in your diet. Take calcium supplements every day. If she is on a formula change her to NAN HA1.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/04/24

Removing cows milk from your diet can help with baby''s exzema, but its best to seek treatment from you doctor. IF baby is formula fed, probably best to change to a formula that is not cows milk based.

With the windiness, if you are breastfeeding, these things might help:

Most babies cry when they pass a stool. So long as its soft and mustard coloured when breastfed that is quite normal. This will stop after a few weeks.

If she is breastfed, be sure to feed her when she gives feeding signals (crying is a late cue for feeding) - so when she sucks her fingers or thumb, roots for the breast, smacks or licks her lips and so on. Babies at around this age begin cluster feeding in the evenings and also to a lesser extent in the mornings. They feed, fall asleep and wake about 20 minutes later for another feed. This goegs on in the evening till about 10pm and is baby taking in lots of milk so that they can go for a longer stretch of sleep later. Its quite normal and stops at around 12 - 14 weeks.

Is baby passing 2-5 stools per day, each about the size of a R5 coin? and is she wetting about 5 or 6 disposable nappies (6 - 8 if you use cloth nappies)? These are signs that she is getting enough milk.

If baby does need to burp or fart, she will wiggle about a bit and grimace or latch on, let go, latch on, let go. Pick her up, rub her back, wiggle her about a bit and get the burp or fart out.
Babies don''t suffer from " wind"  as a condition where they have a permanent need to burp all the time.

How is baby latching on your breast? If your nipples are sore or cracked then she isn''t latching well, she might be sucking air in while feeding (which doesn''t happen when baby is latched on well). Have a look on the la leche league website for some information on laid back breastfeeding to help you with your latching. Try feeding baby when she is quite sleepy and making sure she has lots of aereola in her mouth and not just hte tip of hte nipple - so that the nipple is far back in her mouth. Her bottom lip should be flanged out onto her chin, her ear, shoulder and hip should all be in a straight line (try swallowing with your neck turned and you will see why). Support your breast with your fingers in a u shape as you get baby to latch on so that she can get the nipple into her mouth, and bring baby to you, not you to baby. Keep her tummy against your tummy while feeding. If you do have cracked nipples, stop giving dummies and bottles as well, as these require different latching and sucking techniques and can contribute to causing painful breastfeeding.

Can you hear a clicking sound when she is latched onto your breast and do you have a deep stabbing pain in your breast while you are feeding or after you have finished a feed? IF so, it is possible that you or baby (or most likely both of you) have thrush. This can make a baby fussy and cause mothers in law everywhere to tell you the baby has wind. Are your nipples very red and shiny and does baby have white in her mouth that doesn''t go between feeds and can''t be wiped off? IF so, visit your doctor and get treatment for both of you for thrush and continue the treatment for at least 2 weeks after all symptoms are gone in both of you. Also, stop giving any dummies and stop taking any jungle juice / berry tonics etc as all these things can cause thrush.

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