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Please can you help. My triplet boys were born at 33 and a half weeks, they were on ventilators and then in incubators. All in all they were in hospital for six weeks. I decided after all they had been through with tubes going in and coming out of every orifice and all injections etc that I would not put them through the added discomfort of circumsicion. They are now healthy 10 year old boys.

After 10 years of not having any problem with the boys not being circumsicised, my now ex-husband (who has a new girlfriend of one month) has asked me when we are getting the boys circumsicised. I said they are not. The girlfriend then piped in that they should have it done now instead of later. I said that they are not being circumsicised now, but if there is a medical reason later on then it will be done or if they choose to have it done.

My question is - what kind of effect will it have on 10 year old boys to be circumsicised now for no medical reason?

Many thanks.

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Cicumcisions are no longer done without there being a sound medical reason for the operation. There seems to be no reason at all why your sons should be circumcised.

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Posted by: Anon | 2009/03/28

Jody, dont let these NOCIRC foreskin fetish guys get to you. Circumcision has way more advantages for their health and their future wives. YOU had the pleasure of having a circumcised man in your life and clearly are leaning that way. Why deprive your sons of the pleasure of being circumcised and the peace of mind for their lives of less chance of getting STDs or even HIV. Dont let these foreskin fettish buttheads tell you that circumcision interferes with normal healthy sex. Smegma from a foreskin creates more issues with sex creating infections, irritations and plain bad smell that can and IS A BIG turnoff to many women. YOU did not have to go through that, so why wish that on other women. These intactivists will NEVER admit that foreskins have any problems or can create issues in the future. Foreskins are NOT TROUBLE FREE. You need to get your sons circumcised now. They will thank you for doing it someday.

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Posted by: NOCIRC-SA | 2009/01/21


If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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Posted by: Jody | 2009/01/20

Message to " Hi"  - Hi back to you.

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Posted by: Jody | 2009/01/20

Thank you all for your responses - they have really helped. If the subject comes up again I now know what to say.

Many thanks.

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Posted by: WJA | 2009/01/20


Just for reference, the current rates of non religious ‘ routine’  circumcisions in the 7 countries that perform RIC are dropping dramatically. Currently USA 50%, Canada 12%, UK 10%, Australia 24%, New Zealand 5%, South Africa 10%, South Korea 60%. Globally, only 1/4 of the male population are circumcised (and the majority of these are for religious reasons).

Circumcision was introduced into the UK society late 1800’ s as a way of intentionally desensitising the penis to discourage masturbation and promiscuous sexual behaviour.

The minimal health and hygiene benefits offered by this procedure are far outweighed by the associated risks of and damage caused by this procedure. None of the medical fraternities in these countries recommend non-medically necessitated circumcision.

Your ex husbands ‘ need’  to circumcise his sons comes from an inner need to validate his own circumcision. If you need more info on this, refer to

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Posted by: NOCIRC-SA | 2009/01/19

You might want to consider discussing this with your sons. I can almost guarantee that they will not be in favour of a Dr cutting bits of skin off their weenies (for any reason).

Stick to your guns and dig in your heels. Allow your son' s to make this decision as informed and consenting adults.

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Posted by: NOCIRC-SA | 2009/01/19

The emotional and psycological effect on your sons could be life changing. I think that the CyberShrink would be better suited to answer this question though.

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Posted by: NOCIRC-SA | 2009/01/19

I congratulate you on the standpoint that you have taken on this issue and what your motherly instinct is telling you.
I am sure that the Pead will agree that this procedure is only necessary when an immediate and life threatening condition presents itself.

The foreskin is highly innervated, specialised and vascularized sensitive erogenous tissue. It plays an important role in normal human sexual response and is necessary for normal copulatory behaviour. An understanding of this role is now emerging in the scientific literature. Removal of the foreskin (circumcision) interferes with normal sexual function.

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Posted by: Hi | 2009/01/19


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