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Posted by: PregnantMama | 2012/01/18



Dear Dr

I would like to know about circimcising infants, exactly when is the right time to do it. I''m pregnant with a baby boy, we have no religious reasons to do it and I''m clueless when it comes to this. I would like to make the right choice for my child. Please educate me when it comes to this important subject? Other say it should be done and others are saying it shouldn''t be done. Im so confused :(

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This is always a very personal decision for parents. There is a trend for more baby boys to be circumcised these days.Discuss this with your gynae or paediatrician and you will be advised about your options.

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Posted by: Leila | 2012/02/14

And healing is rapid when baby is still very small.
It is the best thing you could do for your son.

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Posted by: Annie | 2012/01/21

I had similar thoughts when I was pregnant with my son. I made a list of pros and cons on circumcision from medical websites not those that promote foreskins or circumcision. Bottom line, the benefits to having it done in infancy outweigh any reason to postpone it and all the potential problems that can and do occur with uncircumcised men. My son who is now 10 thanked me for having him circumcised as an infant and not leaving him to make that decision and the pain and issues that go with it at a later age.

Its the best thing you can do for your son, have him circumcised.

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Posted by: Kari | 2012/01/21

PregnantMama, Congratulations on your carrying a son. There are many reasons to have him circumcised that outweigh any of the cons. You cant predict your son''s sex life in the future and you want what is best for him. My son was circumcised as an infant and I am glad we did so. He too is glad we had him circumcised because his best friend was not, but had problems with his foreskin that cost him a season of playing soccer in high school and was teased mainly by girls till he got circumcised. After that they were lining up to spend time with him.

You have a comment from WJA. He trolls this website only. The man is a pedophile, circumcised himself, but has a real foreskin fetish issue and will say and do anything to promote foreskins. He has no firsthand experience at all on foreskins other than a fetish to talk about and the want to touch a child''s penis.

Take responsibility for your son''s future health. Have him circumcised as an infant. The results are better, the healing time is days vs. weeks when older and he will have a much healthier sex life overall. More women prefer their partners circumcised. A poll on the Circumcision discussion group here put that number at about 79% a while back. I prefer it overwhelmingly myself. Its your right as a parent to do what you can to protect your child''s health for as long as possible. Medical and scientific journals provide a lot of support for circumcision because of the lifetime benefits to both partners. Significant decrease in contracting STDs and even HIV, as well as improved sexual health overall. Google ''circumcision benefits'' and see for yourself. Stay away from what are called intactivist sites, those that ignore and downplay any scientific facts that promote or support circumcision. They are discredited by the medical community in every way possible.

It is no secret that circumcision is being pushed in the AIDS/HIV health push. There is enough evidence to support it. Start his life off correctly, have him circumcised as an infant.

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Posted by: WJA | 2012/01/20

This is a very personal decision to make. One your son should be allowed to make for himself when he reaches the age of consent and can make this very important decision for himself.
Leave your son as he was created as that is how he is meant to be..

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