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Posted by: CURIOUS | 2009/03/04



Hi DoC! I just wanted to get your opinion on circumcision - I' m expecting a boy and though my religiion does not require me to circumcise my child , i have heard that it is recommended so as to avoid future medical problems.

Thank you

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Circumcisions are usually only done for clear and definite medical reasons these days.

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Posted by: Anon | 2009/03/28

YM. Good for you and congratulations on making a great decision that your son will benefit from for the rest of his life. You are a caring loving parent. My wife and I made the same decision for our son and have never regretted it either.

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Posted by: YM | 2009/03/12

Hi.. We had our baby boy circumcised to days after his birth.. I promise you the whole opp was less than 10min.. and they use anesthetic so it is not THAT painfull for the baby.. when they get older it is much more painfull and embarrising for them...

I don' t regret the opp for 1 second...

Good luck...

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Posted by: JM | 2009/03/12

Curious, dont believe these NOCIRC guys. They do not want you to make an educated decision. They talk down the reality of HIV, STDs and UTI. Circumcision has many more benefits than they will ever admit to. Do what you feel is best. I was not circumcised as an infant and had to go through it as a young boy, due to problems. It was painful, embarrasing to say the least to have to go to the doctor. My primary doctor did not want to circumcise me, because he felt he could " fix the phimosis" . It was better for a whole week after he prodded and stretched it. After that it was the same issues. After a year of this, my dad said no more. The cost of seeing the doctor all those times exceeded the cost of circumcision which I underwent anyway. Only regret that it was not done as an infant. My son was circumcised as an infant and both my parent agreed it was the right thing to do. My dad also had issues with his foreskin and had to get circumcised at age 50. That was way painful and not a pleasant experience. We have a neighbor who is very anti-circumcision and let my wife know her feelings when our son was circumcised. She was an active member of NOCIRC, only to have her own son start having problems as a 3 year old. Guess who came knocking on the door for all the details of getting her son circumcised as a toddler and what to expect?? Her son was circumcised within a week and she now is very pro-circumcision!!!!! So just get it done and know he will benefit from it in many ways...

These NOCIRC guys refuse to even acknowledge that there are benefits to circumcision.

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Posted by: NOCIRC-SA | 2009/03/05

When cleaning your son, simply wipe as you would a finger. Do not attempt to forcibly retract the foreskin.

When born the foreskin and head are fused together (much like the eyes of a puppy). This mechanism protects the sensitive head and inner lining. Separation will occur naturally as your son develops, normally between the ages of 5 and 15. Premature or forced separation can cause damage and infection.



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Posted by: NOCIRC-SA | 2009/03/04

The incidence rate of future medical problems are extremely rare, and through proper hygiene and modern medicine easily treatable.

Circumcision is also not as effective as widely perceived. For example, prevention of a UTI is less than 1 percent effective. To prevent penile cancer 80,000 need to be performed. Phimosis is also quite rare, occurring in only 1 in 15,000.

The foreskin is more than just skin. It is a highly specialised and sensitive part of the male anatomy. It plays a role in the sensory, mechanical and protective functions.

Circumcision is no longer recommended by doctors in the absence of an immediate medical requirement. Not only is it an extremely painful procedure, the minimal benefits do not justify the risks or damage caused.

Allow your son the benefit and enjoyment of a fully intact body and the right to make this decision for himself at the age of majority.


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