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Posted by: Racoon | 2012/01/31


Circ attachments

Dear Prof

All 3 of my boys are circumcised, but I have noticed that there are some attachments in the younger 2. The eldest had absolutely no issues.The middle boy (3) had an incomplete circ, and despite applying cortisone cream (prescribed by paed) for a long period after the circ the glans is still quite attached to the remainder of the foreskin. I am guessing with this little chap that we just have to let it be until it detaches at a later age? with the youngest boy (1.5) it is just the posterior ridge that re-attaches, and it can be pulled away quite easily. It seems a bit uncomfortable though when one does that. What is the correct thing to do in each of these boys cases?

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I realise that you are concerned about these adhesions but in the vast majority of boys with circumcisions these correct by themselves.if you are really worried about any of your boys it would be best to ask the doctor who did the operation to see your son/s and ask if anything is of concern after the doctor has done the examination.

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Posted by: JM | 2012/02/14

Your sons are very lucky they have parents that loved them enough to have them circumcised to prevent future problems in their sex lives.

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Posted by: Kari | 2012/02/03

Racoon, make sure you NEVER place cortisone cream anywhere near your sons penis. It is a steroid cream that has known long term effects on skin. Long term use as well as high absorption rates in a baby''s skin can permanently thin out the remaining foreskin. That is why men with tight foreskins that tear that have used steroid creams have a very high likelihood of having to get circumcised later in life especially if they get diabetes as they age. There have been a few cases where penises have just never healed completely in the hospital where my sister is a geriatric nurse. The thinning of skin is lifelong and could affect your sons long term as adults. If the doctor suggests any more cream, run, dont walk.

Anon is right, you need to get this addressed immediately. My son had no issues after infant circumcision either. We were told to pull back on the remaining foreskin until we could get it pulled tight halfway down the shaft. It took about a week for all the adhesions to break loose. I also used Vaseline on his penis till both his circumcision had completely healed and the adhesions were no longer an issue. Please let us know what the urologist says. Thanks!

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Posted by: Racoon | 2012/02/01

Many thanks Anon, I will phone the urologist this morning still.

As for Frank...I just ignore uninformed biased people.

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Posted by: Anon | 2012/02/01

Racoon, you want to get those adhesions addressed by urologist. When your sons were circumcised, you were probably told to just leave them alone. What has happened is that the remaining foreskin has fused to the glans. It needs to be separated ASAP. When the urologist does that you will need to put Vaseline on the area until it heals. The remaining foreskin must be completely retractable in each case. When my son was circumcised as an infant, the pediatrician stated clearly that as soon as the circumcision had healed that we needed to pull back on the remaining foreskin lightly each day when bathing him so that any remaining adhesions can be broken and put Vaseline on the penis during that time. It prevents it from reattaching to the glans. We did this for the first week or two afterwards and he had no problems at all.

As for Frank, dear Frank the intacivist''s comments, he is just very jealous about your sons being privilege to grow up circumcised. He cant stand that someone is happy and he is not.

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Posted by: Frank | 2012/01/31

Your poor sons. This is why boys should be left as they were made.

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