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Posted by: r | 2011/12/18



My baby is 8weeks old and is cholic. is there something we can do to help ease the crying. have tried scopex,and now trying there a better remedy to ease it and help relax the baby.

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You have not mentioned whether your baby is being breast fed or on a formula. If your baby is being formula fed add 4 drops of Colief to each bottle about 1 hour before you give the bottle of formula to your baby. If you are breast feeding you can first express a small amount of breast milk into a sterilised bottle and add 4 drops of Colief to the breastmilk and feed this to your baby.After your baby has had the Colief treated breast milk you can continue breast feeding in the normal way. Do this before each feed.Colief works by digesting the lactose in milk. This should help to relieve your baby's colic.Your baby's colic will disappear at the age of 3 or 4 months.

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Posted by: maOra | 2012/01/11

My problem was solved by Novalac Anti Colic formula, my son is 10 months now and he doesn''t have colic or constipation.

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Posted by: Cindy | 2011/12/19

My experience with colic was horrific! BUT it taught me a lot.
First tip: LOVE and patience. My little one often felt better if I held her tummy to tummy. I would lift my shirt up a little and put her tummy on mine. The warmth soothed her nicely.
Second tip: My doc told me how to massage her tummy lightly to help pass the gas. BUT, she would never relax enough for me to do it. SO, I would lay her across my legs so that she was perpendicular to me. With her head supported by my left hand this left my right hand free to massage. I rocked my legs gently from left to right to make her relax nicely.
Third tip: The massage. Using you index and middle finger together...VERY GENTLY apply pressure to the lower right abdomen. Only hold for about 1 second and then release. Then do the same just above her belly button. Then again the same on the lower left abdomen. Repeat forming a kind of triangle. You can hear and feel the gas move a lot of the times and don''t be surprised if she passes gas shortly after.
Fourth tip: Pick the baby up. People say leave them to cry but, in my baby''s case, this only made her worse. Pick your baby up...soothe them and then put them down again. Of course, you must know the difference between crying for attention and crying because of colic (raised legs and cramping etc).
Fifth tip: My little one had cramps in between her meals and I found drops that could be given at ANY TIME and as much as you needed. I would use special baby tea for colic and I added these drops to it. I would give it to her when she had cramps AND I would add some to her milk before feeding her. The drops I used were called ESPUMISAN but that''s here in Europe and I''m not sure if you get it in SA.
Good luck and hope it passes soon!
Remember, colic is usually at its worst around 6 weeks and from there at gradually gets better. My little one had colic for 2 months. It was SO bad at 6 weeks but it got better just as my doctor told me it would.

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