Posted by: Tan | 2007/08/23


Child Sick where to go from here


Please could you give me some advise.

From the day my son was born he was breast fed but suffered from constipation, the day he went to formula it got so bad he would tear. After numerous times at the dr he eventualy came right due to him starting to get teeth.
He was fine for about 2 weeks then all of a sudden he got broncholistis and was hospitalised, and there he started to get a very runny stomach. The dr said it was from excess mucus in his stomach.
He was discharged from Hospital and now 5 weeks down the line he still has a terrible flemmy cough causing him to vomit, runny stomach and nose with blood in his stools and a nappy rash. I have been back too 2 diffrent t dr's since then, and all they do is keep putting him on antibiotics and and a cortizone for his bum and take stool samples which come back negative for pathogens. But nothing is helping.
He has a tempreture of 39.2'c every 3 days for 2 days at a time, he has also lost 1.4 kg and cant seem to pick it up as he still has a runny stomach and every now and then blood vessels in it.
I have asked if I must see a gastrointerologist or specialist and the pead sais no he will come right. But how much more antibiotics must he take before they realise its not working and how many more times must I go back to the pead till something is done to make him better.

All im asking is if this is a case where i must take matters into my own hands and go see a specialist and if so what kind, for his bad chest or for his intestines.
Or what must I do.

My son is a very happy 9 month old baby and does not look very sick to every one els but i know him well enough to know something is not right with him. Im just in such a state and dont know what to do and dont want to keep wasting time as its been so long already with his little life in my hands.

Please could you assist me and give me some advise.

Thanks Tanya

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This could well be a problem of either cow's milk protein intolerance or true allergy to cow's milk. All the symptoms are highly suggestive of severe cow's milk protein intolerance. I strongly suggest that you see a paediatrician with an interest in allergic conditions in infants. There are experts in all the main centres in South Africa. In the meantime do not let him have an another antibiotic under any circumstances!Give him probiotic drops such as Reuteri Infant drops once daily for at least 10 days while you are waiting to be seen by the paediatric allergist.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: Mum1 | 2007/08/24

Hi there,

Seems like the same problem my daughter had. I was going our of my mind. Was always in and out of the doctor. My daughter also had constipation problems, and then we were always in the doc becos of runny nose, sore throats, chest infections & constant vomitting. doc also said that it was from all the mucus in the tummy. So much of antibiotics too. My daughter eventually spent a week in hospital. Also had the problem with the high temperatures. I would visit the hospital every week becos her temperature would get so high. The paed told me not to worry, she will be okay. after a week in hospital, blood tests & stool test, she had no reason for this illness. I actually asked if it was the S26 gold that my daughter was on. Doc said it was gastric flu. When we got home, my daughter developed a running tummy. Her tummy ran all the time & I was going through packs of nappies. She also developed the nappy rash. The runny tummy lasted for a few weeks. Can you believe that the paed refused to take my calls, when I tried to contact her.

I took my daughter to another paed, who then told me to change my daughter's formula. I tried Infasoy, but she refused to drink it. I switched to the normal S26. She did have a cold often.

She stopped drinking formula when she was 2 yrs, last year. She drinks long life milk, & has no problems with it.

I know exactly what you are going through. My daugter also didn't look sick, but I knew what she was going through. I got tired of all the antibiotics, constant doctor visits, running tummy, vomitting, running nose, temperatures, etc.

Please take your baby to another doctor.

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Posted by: Mom2-2 | 2007/08/23

Hi Tan

Unfortunately I have no advice for the runny tummy and blood in his stools part, BUT wat I want to tell you is to stay away from cortizone as it thins their skin and may cause it to burst.

My first born was also sick most of the time when he was a baby. He was on antibiotics ALOT. He got horrible rashes on his bum that was caused by these antibiotics. I was also prescribed cortizone cream for his bum. What a nightmare it was!! His skin started to burst and started to bleed. It was horrible. No you can think how sore it must be for a baby to pee and it gets into those open wounds!! I cried and cried. I didn't know what to do.

Luckily I came across a pharmacist who told me to use Mucaine (it is actually something you drink to neutralise acid in your stomach). He told me to use cottonwool and dip it into the Mucaine and gently pat it onto his bum (everywhere there where sores). After I did that I used Antipeol (or Multipeol - its the generec of Antipeol) generously on his bum.

Try it. This really helps. Also get him Reutri drops.

Good luck!!

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Posted by: Pauline | 2007/08/23

Hi there,

My child was sickly with Tonsilitis and was on numerous antibiotics after they were removed I thought he was going to get better but he then started with a runny tummy and cramps at certian times of the day. I had every blood and stool test done, eventually my paed refered us to a pead surgeon.

He had a colonscopy and gastrocopy looked at him via both ends. He was diagonsed with inflamtion of the small bowel caused by excessive usage of antibiotics. To help repair the damage no more antibiotics unless really needed and we put him on a gluten free diet just to help the intestines as gluten can irriate the linings. 3 months down the line his stomach is better but not 100%, after the scopes they also picked up he had really bad thrush which we treat with a probiotic every day.

Good luck and carry on until you get an answer it took us 3 motnhs to find out what was wrong with the child.

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