Posted by: Lilo | 2010/07/05


Breastfeeding - Stop

Hi! I''m still breastfeeding my baby of 9 and a half months. He drinks twice in day time, but about 4 times during the night. I let him drinks at night when he wakes up, then he falls right back to sleep. If I just put his dummy back when he wakes, he goes back to sleep, but just for a few minutes and wakes again. He wakes about 6 times a night. I would like to know if he would sleep better if I stop breastfeeding completely? What must I do to stop breastfeeding?

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Your baby is used to feeding often at night. This will be difficult to stop even if you change to a formula as he will simply continue to demand frequent bottle feeds instead. The stimulus for breastmilk production is your baby's sucking on your breast. If he stops breastfeeding your milk production will stop.The best way to do this is to do it slowly, stopping one or two breast feeds per day each week and substituting with a bottle instead until he is only on bottle feeds.You can get more advice on our Breastfeeding Forum on Health24.

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Posted by: Purple | 2010/07/06

B rfeasted babies need milk feeds at night until around 7 months, after that, the night feeding is more for comfort than nutrition.
Stopping breastfeeding at night isn''t likely to stop baby waking up wanting comfort, it will just be more difficult to provide comfort in the same way.

You could try replacing the night breastfeeds with a bottle feed, as he will stilll get the sucking comfort, but then you have to get up and make the bottle, which is a lot more effort than a breastfeed.

If you want to stop breastfeeding at night, then offer a last feed in the evening and then instead of feeds during the night, you will have to rock or pat your baby or offer the dummy and it might take a few nights to a week of being up all night like this until baby realises taht no feed will come and she might stop waking for a feed.
Carry on feeding during the day as you have been doing.
People are quick to say just give a bottle of water at night, but I don''t know anyone that that has worked for.

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Posted by: MommyLuv | 2010/07/06

My baby is 7mths old and he breastfeed anytime at night he sleep with my breast in his mouth wakes when it falls out. so im always awake, but i dont want to stop breast feeding. he does not take anything a bottle or dummy.

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Posted by: PL | 2010/07/06

Hi Lilo

I am also breastfeeding my 8 month old in the late afternoon and at night. She also does the exact same thing that your son is doing. I am so interested in hearing what the paed has to say. I am a sleep-deprived new mommy :-)

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