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Posted by: Mphoza | 2012/04/18


Breastfeeding and Fromula

Hi everyone... Help please:

I try and express milk at work and live at least 2x 120ml of Milk at home for my 3month old daughter. But because I dont have the exact time to knock off, I have requested that they give her formula of the same amount, at least up until I get home. I dont know if this is ok/healthy... it saddens me because I really love breastfeeding her?
And should I decide to stop breastfeeding, is there anything I can drink to dry my milk quick? I cant remember how long it took to dry up with my 7year old?
Thanks a mil.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/04/19

Its a huge pleasure. Keep at it super mom :)

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Posted by: Mphoza | 2012/04/18

Purple Purple Purple... you''ve just put my mind at ease &  made my day!! I am soooo greatful for this. Printed it out so that I can read it over and over, until I know it by heart.
Thank you so much... Thank you!!!

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/04/18

I can hear how distressed you are.

I am a passionate breastfeeder, but I have certainly had days at work where I just couldn''t express enough or often enough and I had no milk in my freezer stash and my babies have both had a bottle of formula the next days. Its not ideal, but they had to be fed.

Breastfeeding doesn''t have to be all or nothing. Aim to express and leave whatever you can, but if you have the occassional day where you need to fill the gap - don''t worry about it, remember your baby is still getting all the wonderful goodness from the breastfeeding they are getting, of which only 10 percent is about the milk, the rest is the oral development from sucking technique, comfort and closeness and so on.

You are doing a wonderful job. WEll done. Focus on how much you are able to provide - not on any shortfall.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/04/18

sorry, I mistyped - where I said a double pump means both breasts expressed for the same amount of time, I meant to say - at the same time.

Just another point, breastfed babies over a month old only take 60-120ml per feed and this doesn''t increase with age. Before a month they build up to this amount. If a breastfed baby is having a growth spurt, they feed more frequently so take in more milk by feeding more often, not by taking larger amounts at each feed. They then revert back to having the same amount again.
If you are often told that your baby needs more milk and you aren''t leaving enough, look at the way your baby is being bottle fed or cup fed. Google the term " paced bottle feeding"  for some tips to leave your baby''s caregiver. you can also google " bottle feeding the breast fed baby"  for some tips for the care giver.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/04/18


well done for your expressing.

At this age your baby is rely ing completely on milk for all her nutritional needs, so if you don''t have enough exrpessed breast milk she will have to be given formula as it is important that she is fed regularly so that she continues to gain weight.

There are however things you can do to improve how much milk you are able to express when you are at work.
Firstly, you are allowed two breaks to express - which cannot include your lunch break - which you can use as a third break.
It can help to get a let down while expressing if you have an item of baby''s clothes to smell or you have photos or videos of baby on your phone.
Some mothers find that hand expressing works better for them because of the skin contact.
IF you have a single pump - manual or electric, while you are expressing, massage your breast with your other hand as the skin contact helps.
With a single pump, express for 5 minutes on one breast, stop, express on the other for 5 minutes, then do the first for 5 minutes again and then repeat ont he second breast again. This seems to get more milk than doing 10 minutes on each breast.
If you have a double pump, you will express much faster as both breasts are expressed for the same amount of time.

Relax when you go to express. Breathe deeply beforehand to help you relax, and think of your baby. roll your nipples in your fingers a bit before starting to express. Some mothers find that after expressing with the pump, they get quite a bit more if they hand express a little bit afterwards too - just tilt the pump flanges backwards and express into there.

You get a lot more milk by expressing more often (even if its for shorter times) than you do by expressing less often - so if you express for 20 minutes every 2 hours instead of 30 minutes every 3 hours you will get a higher volume of milk.
The emptier you keep your breasts the more milk you will make, so don''t wait for breasts to " fill up"  before you express. The fuller your breasts are, then less milk your body will make - the more milk you take out and the more regularly, the more milk your body will make.

You can also add to how much milk you have by expressing on the other breast while baby is feeding in the mornings and evenings. It is very important that you continue to feed baby on demand at your breast at night, mornings, evenings and weekends - as this is what keeps your milk supply up. Expressing on its own will see milk supply dwindle slowly over time.

It also helps if you breastfeed baby just before leaving home or the creche, and as soon as you arrive to fetch baby again even if that is at the creche before you get home. This also helps you and baby reconnect after the day you have had. If baby is cared for near where you work and its possible, you might like to go at lunch time and feed baby at hte breast.

Some fluctation in milk supply from day to day is normal, so don''t worry about it.

You can express a bit of milk over the weekends while baby is busy feeding at the breast and freeze this to add for those days when you don''t have much milk to leave.

IF you do decide to wean your baby, there is no need to take anything to dry up your milk. By replacing one feed a week with a bottle feed you will have weaned in about a month to a month and a half, and your milk supply will go down to match the reduced demand so you won''t get engorged. This is also easier emotionally on both you and baby. WEaning too fast can make babies very upset and moms often end up very emotional too.

IF you want some more tips on expressing, two very good web sites are w w w d o t kellymom d o t c o m and w w w d o t lalecheleague d o t o r g.

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