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Posted by: Mother Goose | 2010/10/19


Breast Milk

Good day doc. I have 6½  month old twin boys that are still being breast fed. Over the last 2 weeks my milk has become much less. I have been expressing as much as possible at work and up to now they only had one formula feed each day since I had to go back to work end of July. I would like to know what I can do to increase my milk production. Since they were born I have been drinking my 2L of Jungle Juice a day and I take Vital''s Brewers yeast tablets but that does not seem to be enough any more. I realy enjoy breastfeading and would like to keep it up until they are at least a year old but at this pace I will be out of milk by the end of the month. Thanks for the advice.

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The stimulus for your breast milk production is simply your babies' sucking action on your nipples when they feed. This releases a hormone which stimulates milk production. You are starting to struggle to breast feed you twin boys now. You have given them an excellent start by breast feeding them for 6 months. It would be much less stressful to change over to formula feeds now and you will then be sure about the amount of milk your baby son's are drinking every day.

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Posted by: Purple | 2010/10/20

Jungle juice and brewers yeast don''t do anything for milk supply, they are just old wives tales.

There are only two things that increase milk supply - that is demand feeding, and expressing for 3 - 5 minutes on each breast immediately after each feed.

As you are working, make sure that when you are with babies that you have them at your breast as often as you possibly can - so mornings before work, evenings when you get home, through the night and over the weekend.
Expressing for a few minutes on each side immediately after each feed for about four days to a week will also increase supply. Just expressing 20ml a day in this way will help.

If it is at all possible, try to express more often at work.

The pump you are using can also have an impact on how much milk you get when expressing. With twins I think you need an electric double pump if you can afford one. I expressed at work for a year with a mini electric (using batteries) and it wasn''t ideal - but I also only had one baby.

Also remember that how much milk you express is not an indication of how much milk you have. No matter how good the quality of the pump you have, it cannot even come close to getting as much milk out of your breasts as baby (or in your case babies) do.

Don''t panic if you have to give your babies a second bottle of formula during the day while you are at work and while you are getting things back on track. You aren''t with the babies then anyway, so it isn''t going to affect your supply.

Also remember that when we return to work and express, these kinds of temporary supply problems do happen. Often they are related to stress we are feeling on a particular day. They usually come right just by being patient and persevering through them.

Well done for breastfeeding your twins, it takes hard work and you should be very proud of yourself and the gift you have given them. Remember also that any breast milk they get is a bonus and if you can''t manage to get to a year, you have really tried your best. However, this is probably just a temporary set back and things will come right again. The more you stress about it though, the longer it takes.

Try to relax while you express. Some moms find that taking their mind off things completely helps - so reading a magazine or even doing some work helps - anything except watching the bottle not filling up as fast as you want it to.
Other mothers find the opposite helps - and that watching videos of their babies on their phones and looking at photos helps, and some moms even bring in the baby grows taht baby slept in the night before and smell that while expressing and find it helps.
I find alternating between the concentrating and not worked best for me.

Good luck - and well done.

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