Posted by: EM | 2008/01/09


Black Ladies

My boy passed away last year in September, he was 7 months.
The funny thing is that the was no answer found 4 his death.
As a black person, I was told that I should give him Umuthi Wenyoni and take him 2 C a afrinan healer.
My mother did take him.
He got sick 4 only 2 weeks and died. The couse is the dead that say it was a natural death.

Now what the natural death mean.

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All this means is that he was not kileed in an accident or there was some other unusual reason for his death. The death certificate should have the exact reason for his death and this has to be signed by a doctor.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: auds | 2008/01/21

Hi Ladies

Hope u'll also be able to give me some advise, my baby has a red mark at the back of her neck and I heared this shouldn't get to the top of her head cos it's deadly. I baught umuthi wenyoni for her but after reading EM's story I am scared to give it to her but I am worried about the mark.

Pls help!


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Posted by: EM | 2008/01/10

Thank u guys.

I'm feeling much more better now. I'll ask my gynae 2 do the GROUP B step when i'm about 35 wks like FB said, and keep in touch.


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Posted by: Mpums | 2008/01/10

Sorry for your loss.If you are changing doctors don't forget to mention about the loss of your son so that he/she will give it more attention on this one.
Take care.

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Posted by: Foxybrown | 2008/01/10

Good luck EM

Rem this is YOUR baby. You were right when you first took him to the professional doctor. If that didn't give u answers u shd have just taken him to another doctor for a second opinion. Rem to rather take babies to proper paediatricians, not just doctors (GPs). And remember never to wait until morning if your little one is very sick during the night. Get up and take him to the casualty/emergency rooms at the nearest good hospital. Don't wait to go to the doctor the next day - babies and children's systems are not strong and they always need help as quickly as possible.

all the best for the little one on the way.

If possible, request that you be checked for Group B strep when you are 35 weeks pregnant. Some babies who die at a few months old are dying of this bacteria, which is carried by the mother and passed on during birth. Because you do not know what killed your baby, get checked for Group B Strep (just a urine test or vaginal swab) when you are 35 weeks along. At least rule that out as the cause of your baby's death.

Read up on it on the internet if you like, just google it.

But you don't need to go thru this pregnancy stressed and worried. Put everything in the hands of God, look after yourself during pregnancy and remember there are properly trained people out there who can help sick babies.


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Posted by: EM | 2008/01/10

Att: FB & ?????

Thank u 4 your respond.

The thing is that i'm now 21wks pregnant, and worried what if the same thing happens again.

And i did take him 2 a professional dr.

Sometime when u a new mothe u lister 2 all tip around u.

Thanks again

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Posted by: Foxybrown | 2008/01/10

Hi EM I am a black lady myself. First of all I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your child.

He could have died from any number of causes. No doubt you seek closure and want to know what happened. The truth is that it is simply too dangerous to cling to traditional beliefs and practices which in the final analysis don’t give you the closure you need and in fact leave you with more questions. Especially if you are a Christian, these are beliefs you need to let go of and recognise as being of an ungodly spirit.

I’ll keep it brief and try not to get too controversial – but I wanted to say the death could have been caused by anything from dehydration due to diarrhoea, or maybe it was late-onset Group B strep, malaria etc. If it had been a very sudden death I would have strongly suspected SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This is also known as cot death. Perfectly healthy children die from SIDS every year – in their thousands and thousands across the world.

However you say your boy was sick for two weeks…if he got sick after seeing the traditional healer, he was most likely given something his small body could not handle. Please, with any future children, I want you to risk offending and being cut off from your family. In other words I want you to refuse to go along with traditional beliefs and practices. I understand this is not easy but it is your child, you gave birth to him. Do not take any future children for any cuttings, rituals or other practices – sometimes dirty instruments are used and sometimes the potions given are something a small baby’s body just can’t handle. Alienate yourself from your family if need be – and save your future children’s life. No one wants to give you an answer as to what happened because they probably know the healer definitely did something wrong. But being so esteemed in the community, he will not be held accountable for the baby’s death.

Your child’s death was not due to ‘natural causes’ – it was not a natural death if he was sick for two weeks before dying. Something was wrong with him, and I am sorry to say but most likely it stemmed from his visit to the traditional healer. Your child has long been buried by now so unfortunately it is too late to determine the exact cause of death. An exhumation would be needed.

Nothing can bring your boy back and I am very sorry for this. But please in future place your trust in qualified professionals and turn your back on traditional African rituals which too many babies have lost their lives too. And again, going to such people is an ungodly practice. God has blessed people with health and He has blessed doctors with the ability to help people preserve that health. Cut yourself off from traditional rituals once and for all.

I also think you may benefit from counselling to help you reach closure over this painful event.

All the best


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Posted by: ????? | 2008/01/10

Why do you ladies keep on taking your babies to unqualified people ??????????? Lets be honest, most cultural beliefs are a load of .................. and acutally make your kids sick, get with the programme and live in the now, its 2008 for goodnes sake.

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