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Posted by: Clueless Mom | 2008/09/20


Behavior problems or something Medical??

My baby is now 10 months and for as long as I can remember putting him to sleep has always been a battle and I can remember him fighting his sleep and screaming from about 3 months. I got used to it and thought I had learnt the art of rocking him to sleep and although it has always taken alot of rocking and cradling to get him to sleep he would eventually fall asleep. The last few weeks have been a nightmare. Rocking, wrapping, cuddling, reading, patting, nothing works. He just won' t fall asleep even though he is exhausted, his eyes are red with blue rings underneath and he is rubbing them. He just won' t sleep. I think we have a good evening routine. He eats a good supper and always enjoys it, then it is bathtime which he loves (but getting dressed is always a fight) and then we play together as a family (quietly) and after a shortwhile he has a bottle which makes him quite sleepy but the minute it is finished the battle of wills starts. I gently rock him which he enjoys and is calm for a while but then starts getting wrestless and does not want to be held. I put him into bed and he starts wriggling and tossing and turning. I can see he is tired but he just can' t lay still or settle. His eyes are closed and he wants to sleep but he just can' t. This can go on for an hour or more until eventually he gets so upset and starts crying and then it is so difficult to calm him because he does not want to be held and he can' t get comfortable to sleep. After what seems like an eternity his little body seems to give in and then he finally sleeps. Most nights he sleeps right through and only niggles and wakes if he is teething but goes straight back to sleep. During the day he has two cat naps that last between 20 and 45 minutes. I really don' t know what to do to make him fall asleep easier. I don' t know if I am going about it all wrong? I can' t leave him in his cot alone as he will hurt himself. He is extremely wrestless and no matter how many pillows and cot bumpers I use he will still manage to bump his head and then start screaming. He also now uses the pillows and cot bumper as a step and I worry he will climb and fall out the cot. He is very strong and determined.
I am with him all day (so I do not think? it is separation anxiety) and he is and always has been a very happy baby the only problems I have is nap time and bed time. He is perfect all day and very happy until it is sleep time!
I really don' t know if I should take him for a checkup at the paed? I feel something is wrong because surely at this age it can' t be a behavior problem.
Any advise?

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There are always some babies who seem to need less sleep than others. These babies often turn out to be very intelligent and successful adults. It is important to establish a routine here.What is often needed is to stop one of his daytime naps and put him to bed a later time than you have been up to now. You have tried all of the uusual tricks but your little baby is one jump ahead of you. If there is no benefit from the advice I have given you, your next move has to be the controlled crying technique.

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Posted by: Ally | 2008/09/22

Get a book called Sleep Sense. It' s from the Babysense range and deals with sleeping issues at different ages. It' s BRILLIANT! Go to their website for stockists. www DOT babysense DOT co DOT za
There is no need why you and your child should suffer like this! That book changed our lives - literally!!

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Posted by: Me | 2008/09/20

Have you tried different milk,maybe he has cramps or silent reflux,whicj ussually happens more when they lie down.I know ,because my little boy had silent reflux,he`s now 3,and is still tossing and turning,but sleeps ok.But when he was smaller,he criend alot because the reflux gave him heartburn.

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