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Posted by: newMUM | 2012/03/12


baby''s winds

hi me again. being a new mom is not easy everything is new and it''s frustrating when you don''t know what to do. my baby is struggling with his winds. they gave me telament drops whilst i was still in hospital but it didn''t help much. i''m now giving him telament gripe water but it''s still not bringing out all his winds. after breastfeeding i do burp him. i will lay him on my lap or put him over my shoulder or sit him up and lean him forward to get his winds out. i will do so for half and hour sometimes more but still doesn''t bring everything out. he is then very restless and don''t sleep too well. is there any other solution PLEASE

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Telament is one of the best treatments for newborns who are very windy.So continue with the drops. You are doing the right things for your baby's winds and it sometimes can take as long as half an hour to burp your baby properly. It is best to hold him against your shoulder while gently patting and rubbing him on his back. This stage does not usually last too long and is mostly a problem in the early weeks after birth.

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Posted by: purple | 2012/03/13

If your baby has a wind, then wiggling him around a bit and rubbing his back will bring it up. There isn''t any need to spend ages thumping baby on the back to bring up winds.

Babies get wind from digesting their milk. About ten minutes after a feed a baby might have a wind that he needs some help getting up.

If you have a lot of milk and a fast flow, baby can appear very windy. It can help to lay back on pillows and have baby at your breast with his legs towards your legs and let gravity help a bit (its called Laid Back Breastfeeding - google it for some pictures).
What also helps when you have lots of milk is to let baby finish the first breast and come off himself, then you change nappy and can wind baby a bit if you like or he needs it, and then offer the second breast (which he may or may not want). If you switch breasts after some random time limit (like ten minutes) then baby might not be getting enough of the fattier hind milk.

Don''t limit ttime at the breast, and don''t swap breasts before baby comes off the breast himself.

If a baby cries a lot they sometimes also take in lots of air and get a bit burpy and farty. To avoid this, remember that crying is a late sign of hunger, so rather feed while baby is showing early cues such as rooting for the breast, sucking fingers, licking lips and so on.

Two very good sites with helpful and reliable information are: w w w dot lalecheleague d o to org and w w w dot kellymom dot c o m
On the LLL site you can also find a leader close by to you who you can phone for help, and you can attend a meeting and meet other moms.

Remember also that your breasts are a mothering tool and not just there to meet nutritional needs, so if baby is fussing and no wind has come up after you have burped baby, put him back to the breast, maybe he wants a bit of comfort sucking.

Some babies are also just more sparkly than others, so they need more holding, and that is fine, they are small for so little, don''t deny yourself the pleasure. IF you need to get stuff done, then get yourself a wrap or a sling so baby is close to you and comforted and your two hands are free.

Also, babies do not sleep like the books tell us they do. They have little cat naps between feeds, they don''t sleep for hours on end.

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Posted by: R | 2012/03/13

What help for me was to sit the baby up, head supported in my left hand, and then stretching his arms gently over his head so that his whole body stretches. That helped for difficult winds.

Also try holding him with your hands under his arm pits and then gently turn him side to side. Strange, but it makes winds come out.

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Posted by: Annie | 2012/03/12

I know if baby cries after feeds it can also be because he feeds to much.

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Posted by: newMUM | 2012/03/12

I give him the telament gripe water in a little boiling water. I let him drink untill he falls asleep or pulls out. i''ve tried that as well bringing his knees to his tummy.

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Posted by: Rosy | 2012/03/12

How are you giving him the drops if you are breastfeeding? The drops are not to be given to baby just as is. I know my paed told me not to use gripe water at all?

You might want to lay him on his back and slowly bring his knees to his tummy. Also give him a massage. This always helped my twins.

Are you sure baby is crying because of winds, or could he be hungry? Have you tried feeding him more?

Also watch what you eat as this could have an effect on baby.

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