Posted by: Nana | 2012/06/14


baby constantly hungry

I am breastfeeding my baby, she is 9 weeks old, she is gaining about 250g a week. She is constantly hungry and after eating she burps and a lot comes out. Her tummy is also very " noisy" . Can you please suggest what I should do? She has been like this since week 5.

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It seems that your baby is a hungry baby and a greedy feeder.As a result she is swallowing quite a bit of air with her feeds. Her weight gain is excellent. One option would be to supplement with Lactogen1 formula once daily. She is still rather young to start on solids now, but you could consider giving her a little rice cereal twice daily.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/06/15

It can be worrying when our babies do this. However, it is normal for babies to feed very frequently and it sounds like your baby is thriving on your milk. Its normal for babies to feed about 8-12 times per day in the beginning, and then to continue iwth this pattern adn cluster feed in the evenings until about 10 or 11pm - they feed really really often, and tank up a bit on all that milk and then have a longer sleep.

Formula is hard to digest and will worsen the problems you describe.

It sounds like you have a lot of milk and she may be getting a lot of foremilk if your are offering both breasts at a feed. What some moms find helpful in a situation like you describe, is to offer baby just the one breast, let baby come off by themselves (so not limit time to a set amount of time) and then change nappy and offer that same breast again for a few hours (its called block feeding), later in the day you can start feeds on the other breast and then after baby has come off and you have changed nappy, then offer the other breast. Some mothers also find that in the morning, expressing until let down (you can freeze the milk in case you ever need it) and then latching baby on can also help.

You may also have a very strong let down and the milk gushing out can make baby splutter a bit. Many moms find that lying back propped up on pillows and having baby against thier tummy with their legs towards moms legs helps with this.

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