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Posted by: Makayla | 2012/06/11


Att Purple or any other mommies

Hi Purple, thanks for all your help and good advice, I love reading your answers to post and I learn so much!

Was wondering what food would be the best food to give my baby when she is 6 months. I am not going to give her pureed food and want her to start eating solid whole foods already. Would a steamed carrot be the best thing to give her? I want to give her a new food per week so that i can see if she has a reaction to it :)

thanks :)

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I am sure that Purple will reply.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/06/12

You might like to read this

w w w . lalecheleague . o r g / faq/firstfoods . h t m l

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/06/12

Hi Makayla,

Its only a pleasure. I just love breastfeeding so love to share information with moms who want the info. So glad its been helpful.

Yes, when babies are ready for solids, they are very happy to eat finger foods or whole foods. A soft steamed baby carrot is a great idea. Other nice foods to start with include soft gemsquash that baby can scoop out of the shell, banana - you can splist it from the top into long thirds that are perfect for baby hands to hold. They mash it with their gums. use a softish banana. In a few weeks you might like to try a chop with any hard bits removed and most of the meat off. ribs work nicely for that too. Half a baked potato is also a baby favourite. I also steam foods so that they retain their colour and flavour but can be made very very soft.
Beware of any foods that hard chunks could break off - such as apple, hard pear, raw carrot, vienna sausage and so on.

The only reason people puree baby foods is to get food in before a baby is truly ready - its much pushed by baby food companies. When a baby is ready for solids they can hold foods, get them into their mouths, gum them, swallow them. Before blenders existed, moms would chew foods to a suitable consistency and give this to baby. Personally, I''m not going to do that, so those kinds of foods I mash with a fork - sweet potato, butternut (but I also give chunks of these for picking up by baby hands), avo (also I give chunks).
I have also found that a big thick chunk of steak works nicely, a chicken drumstick with sharp bones, gristle and most of hte meat removed as well. Also, chunks of nice fruits such as soft peach, soft pear, raspberries, blackberries, watermelon and so on.

You''ll know baby is ready when he is grabbing your food and eating it. At about 4 months many babies grab for the fork or spoon mom is eating with - because its shiny and looks nice - not because they are ready to eat solids.
If you try a food and baby doesn''t want to eat yet, try again a few days later. Also, babies have taste preferences and like some foods we can''t stand and hate some of our favourites - so play around.

The babies who gag on textured food are often those who have started very runny purees early on - they just can''t cope with texture.

Watch baby carefully for choking, but be warned that baby will often gag on food as their gag reflex is quite far forward as a protective reflex, so most times if they gag they will get the food up. I take it out of my babies mouth when this happens as the piece they got off was probably too big, though if I don''t get it, she chews some more and then swallows again.

Google the term " baby led weaning"  and " Rapley method"  to find some interesting information on the topic.

I did this with both my kids, but I also gave some foods by spoon. I would give them soups and cottage pie by spoon and also yoghurt and any foods I''ve mashed.

Once her pincer grasp is developing at around 9 months or so, it opens up many food possibilities such as cooked peas, halved grapes, bluberries and so on.

Have fun and keep the camera ready - her face will be a picture when she tastest he first food.

Initially she might just want a nibble or two once a day when you are eating, but soon she will be eating you out of house and home - except in patches where she just won''t eat, but don''t worry about this - they go through hungry and not so hungry days, and as breastmilk is still her primary source of nutrition until a year, she will make up for anything she doesn''t get from solids by getting it from the milk. Even well into toddlerhood, if you feed that long, she will make up for poor eating days by getting extra nutrition from the breastmilk.

Once you start on solids, you can give her sips of cooled boiled water in a sippy cup or normal cup. I always give at meal times as there is nothing worse than trying to eat with a dry mouth.

Enjoy this fun time in your babies life.

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Posted by: Cat | 2012/06/11

Hey Mackayla. Babies don''t eat " whole'' foods at that young age. Even if you make it yourself, you''re going to have to puree it. They don''t like the texture and can''t chew yet, and run the risk of choking. They eat pureed foods and only later on you can start indroducing " whole'' foods, with smaller pieces until they learn to chew. My boy is 7 months now, and I tried to give him some mash potatoes the other night that wasn''t pureed properly, just mashed with a fork. He got so nauseous from the small pieces. Also he likes the taste of foods like Purity more than if I make it myself. You can give baby homemade foods, just have to be pureed I think.

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