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Posted by: Panda | 2007/04/11


Att: Cindy RE: Reflux

Hi Cindy
Thanks for sharing your story - I did a search on the archives for reflux and saw your name and other posts in the results. Our paed has put her on Neocate it is a specially easily digestible hypo allergenic formula but really it smells like raw potatoes really horrible and Im sure it tastes just as bad for her. Prior to that she was on nan HA and she did drink a bit better on that but they say this neocate is better for digestion so its catch22?? I think its better to try keep what little swallowing skills she has so im inclined to go back to the Nan. I have bought some of the Infacare AR and also the S26 AR formula but she doesnt have really any sucking/swallowing skills due to her bottle aversion so its hard to get the thicker feeds down her. at the moment we add a touch of maizena (under dr's orders) to her feed apparently it then thickens in the tummy? But even today I fed her at 1:00 she took 10mls by mouth I had to give the rest by tube i finished up around 2pm. Then just before 4pm i lay her on her back next to me on the bed and she had a small gag then a small puke! How can this be when her next feed is at 5pm surely after a couple of hours it should be mostly digested by now? How did you get past the gagging on the solids then?? Cindy would you be prepared to chat via email with me? If so please send me a message at
theritchies at iburst dot co dot za. I hope to hear from you!


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Posted by: Panda | 2007/04/12

Hi Sugar
Thanks for the reply. I can so identify with you on the gasping and choking and gagging it is so frustrating and upsetting when all you are trying to do is feed them to survive! I sometimes get a real scare as she goes bright red in the face as she sometimes chokes on her vomit and stops breathing for a few seconds. Its very frightening.

The S26 AR I got in the hospital I think the neo natal wards just keep it in stock? I got the Infacare AR at Pick and Pay it was R 42 but I have seen it at Dischem also. I havent tried the Infacare one yet as Im still using the Neocate that our paed prescribed (it costs R 400 per tin but medical aid is paying). Apparently its amino acid based formula no protein no lactose for baby to digest which means less stomach acid is produced and theoretically less discomfort when "eating" ..... I havent tried the Novalac AR I only heard of it the first time yesterday when I read Cindy's post and the paed's reply but i cant recall seeing it on shelves anywhere either Maybe I must ask at Dischem and see if they have some or can get some in for me. Its amazing how many reflux babies there are but id never even heard of reflux before my baby was born with it ! I would love to be able to chat to local moms about it because so far the support forums I have found on the net are mostly US or Aus sites! How do we go about getting a support site set up?

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Posted by: Sugar | 2007/04/11

HI Panda,

My baby doesn't have reflux to the severe degree that yours does. But she is constantly spitting and throwing up even right up to her next feed (which the paed said is quite normal), but she is gaining weight and she doesn't refuse a feed so we are not using any medication. It breaks my heart to hear her gasping for breath and crying after a throw-up as a cause of the heartburn. She is 2 and a half months now and has been on the breast. I want to put her over to formula as from 3months and bought the Novalac AR so long as it seems to be a mission getting it.

I see your baby is getting Infacare AR and S26 AR, I have never seen those anywhere. Where do you get them? Have you used the Novalac AR? Which formula would you recommend? I think they should start a forum for mommies with reflux babies on this site so that we can all share our stories and advice.

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