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Posted by: newMUM | 2012/03/29


at my wits end

hi. my son is one month old and was told by my gp that when he moans and groans and pulls in his legs it''s normal. is this so? its usually starts at early hours of the morning and continues right through till about 11 or early afternoon. the previous gp told me he is colic and i gave him the colix drops which didn''t help but he doesn''t cry for hours on end. i burp him often and give him gripe water. could it be ''suur''?and what can i use for it? he has a lot of redish pimples on his body. and how do i know when my baby is constipated? he doesn''t stool as much and his stool is hardish

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It does sound as if your baby could be constipated. Is he on a formula? If he is on a formula then change the formula to either Lactogen1 or NAN Pelargon.He also has the typical signs of having baby colic. Colic usually lasts up to 3 months. Give him Bennetts Colic Remedy for this problem.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/04/02

Oh that''s good.

Why do you think you don''t have enough milk? Is it because baby is feeding often? Babies should feed often, and at about two weeks they have a growth spurt, meaning they feed really often - around every one and a half to two hours is normal.

by giving bottles of formula, you will lower your milk supply as baby is not at the breast stimulating more milk production.

Youd on''t need to give your breasts a chance to fill up between feeds, the breast makes milk while baby is feeding. The more frequently you feed, the more milk the body makes - and becaue of the frequent feeding, the more milk baby gets.

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Posted by: newMUM | 2012/03/30

my baby will be 5 weeks this coming sunday. and for the past weeks up until last saturday i''ve been breastfeeding on demand. and even then he was this way. in fact it started at two weeks. and when we were discharged from hospital he had a problem with his winds and i used the telament drops. and i''ve also maybe once a day given him formula as i thought maybe my breastmilk is not enough. i do not have a lot of milk in my breast. and i do drink enough liquids (2-3 litres of water a day) i went to my gp last week and he suggested that i feed him every two hours to give my breast a chance to fill up which i have been doing. im also drinking schlehen blackthorn berry elixir to enhance my breastmilk. i stopped last week with the formula milk as well. and now that you mention it i don''t think my baby is constipated because at least once a day his stool is soft and mustard coloured and his nappy will be extremely full. but all other times its not like that. the ''laying him on your arm'' things works i do it all the time to soothe him. as for the dummy he doesnt really like it so i hardly give it to him. when i went to weigh him at two weeks i was told that he gained a lot and even now i can see and feel that he is gaining a lot which to me means he is feeding enough. even before i started the formula and after still the same problem.

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Posted by: PUrple | 2012/03/30

I''m not doing well today. I see that you said your baby was a month old.

At this age, your baby should still be pooing 2 - 5 times a day.

If you haven''t given formula or cereal and you are confident that your mother or mother in law haven''t either, then its probably a good idea to speak to your clinic sister or doctor about this.

Is your baby wetting 5 or 6 disposable (6 - 8 cloth) nappies per day?
Is your baby feeding frequently during the day and night? If baby goes past 3 hours and is heading towards 4 hours you should wake baby up, as sometimes they are too tired to wake themselves up for a feed and it is quite dangerous for a breastfed baby to go longer.

You might find it helpful to camp out on the couch or bed for a day or two with baby. Have baby in just a nappy and you in just underwear, cover yourselves int eh duvet, have the TV on, have snacks and water close by and just have baby on your chest and let him feed and feed and feed as much as he wnats. Have your nappy changing stuff nearby too. This way you will also get some rest in.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/03/30

oh, and once baby is around 6 weeks of age, they often do stool less often. Not because they are constipated but because they use the breastmilk more efficiently so there is less of it coming out as waste. some babies go from pooing 5 times a day to pooing every week or second week at that age. Its normal - as normal as the baby who continues to go 7 times a day.

However, a breastmilk stool should still be soft, mustardy coloured and have whit " seeds"  in it.

If it is harder, have you by any chance given baby a bottle of formula at any point? or any cereal? These things can cause constipation. An exclusively breastfed baby doesn''t get constipated.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/03/30

I hadn''t read RAcoon''s response when I responded. She is very right with what she says. When I referred to baby possibly being hungry - I was meaning exactly what she has described about too much foremilk from limited time on the first breast.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/03/30

It sounds like you are breastfeeding fine. I just want to check, is your baby around 5 or 6 weeks old? And are you perhaps feeding him on a schedule?

Sometimes when babies pull their legs up its because they are hungry. It can help to resolve this if you feed baby whenever they suck their fingers, smack their lips or root for the breast - even if they have just had a feed what feels like a few minutes ago.

Babies of around 5 or 6 weeks often start to cluster feed - feed and feed and feed for a few hours int he morning and again in the evening. Its hard, but hte plus side of this is that they are often just " tanking up"  for a longer sleep after that. Babies need to feed quite often.

You are doing the right thing by letting baby finish one breast and then come off himself and then offering the second if he wants.

If you have lots of milk (which you probably do), its good to feed while lying back propped on pillows and to have baby on one breast for a few hours before starting feeds on the other breast.

Have you ever heard of the magic baby hold? sometimes a fussy baby is not hungry and is just having an off day - then putting your hand between babies legs, having his body lying up your arm and his head near your elbow magically helps soothe some babies. You can even stir a pot and rock while doing this!

If you are giving baby a dummy, it might be an idea to stop for a while at least, as baby might be sucking on that instead of you, and thereby not getting milk when he''s hungry. This can lower your milk supply and affect his weight gain. Dummies have their place for many moms, but its important that they aren''t used if mom has concerns with a fussy baby being at hte breast often enough.

You might benefit from giving a La Leche Leader a call. Have a look on their web site for someone close to you. Telephone help is what they do. I''m sure they will be able to reassure you and help you.

The red pimples could be normal milia (though those are usually white) or baby acne from hormones or heat reash if baby is wrapped up very warmly. If you are very worried, take your baby to the clinic sister or your peadiatrician to check. It won''t be from something you are eating or drinking.

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Posted by: Annie | 2012/03/30

The pink pimples can be an allergy?

Try cutting some food out of your diet. Food that normally causes allergies and see how it goes.
There is different views on this as some clever people says that the breastmilk do not contain egg, fish etc but rather the protien and vitamins inside.

My baby suffered from enzema, but really bad. And as soon as I stopped eating fish and seafood it made a turn for the better.

Please just try this. Especially if their is food allergies in your or daddys family - that would be the place to start.

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Posted by: racoon | 2012/03/29

Reflux? Have you tried Gaviscon? Give a small spoonfull at night time to test.

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Posted by: newMUM | 2012/03/29

i do only feed on one breast per feed untill he pulls out or falls asleep. and at times one breast for 2 feeds in a row

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Posted by: Racoon | 2012/03/29

My 2c''s worth (breastfed 3 boys) - I suspect you are feeding to short on each breast and he is thus geeting in too much foremilk which is high in lactose and causes cramps and sometimes foamy poos. You should try to feed on one breast at a feed only, and for the first while feed on one breast for 2 feeds in a row. Within a day or so he should stop cramping. The middle and hind milk is full of nutrients, and especially the hindmilk is needed for the calorie content.

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Posted by: newMUM | 2012/03/29

im breastfeeding

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Posted by: Racoon | 2012/03/29


You''ll need to indicate whether he is breast or formula fed...Purple and the Prof will ask that when they answer

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