Posted by: michelle | 2005/11/15


allergy to what!!!!

Hi doc, my paed has said to me that my baby of 8 months is a very allergic baby. He has mild ecxema and was on all sorts of formulas as a young baby as he had various symptoms pointing to intolerance or allergy to cows milk. I then decided to go on to eglonyl to increase by breastmilk and fed him until he was 6 mths old. He is now on S26 full time and i dont seem to have any problems other than he is constantly rubbing his eyes, ears and scratching his scalp. What can be causing this? Could it be the cows milk formula. I am only allergic to citrus fruit and therefore dont give him any fruit. My paed said that he will only run blood tests when my son is 12 mths old as it is too soon for anything to show up. Is this correct as I am so frustrated and also tired of trying to feed him food which will not cause allergic rashes that he has had in the past.

Thank you!!

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- 2020/01/17

He is more than ready to have the tests done now! Please ask your doctor to send off a small blood sample for RAST tests for milk, wheat, egg and peanuts.

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Posted by: michelle | 2005/11/16

Hi Kippie

Thanks for your reply. Our kids sound very similar!! My little one is also on singulair and I havent noticed any improvement in his chest. He has a permanent cat purring sound to it and has recently just had an ear infection! What soya formula are you using at present and what do I do once he has turned 1 because the growing up milk formulas are all dairy!! If you could fax me the list you mentioned I would be so thankful my fax number is 031 7016994, many thanks again.

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Posted by: Kippie | 2005/11/16

Hi Michelle,
I understand your frustration when it comes to allergy! We had bloodtests done when my son was 11 months old as his chest would simply not clear up, he had these dark circles under his eyes, and also continuously rubbing his ears, etc.
His allergy count was 20.8!! Extremely high. He was taken off Nan immediately and put on Infasoy as babies with a high allergy count are normally allergic to dairy.
By trail and error we have also discovered that he is allergic to citrus (so am I).
Unfortunately at this stage, and the stage of your little one, they can only determine if they have an allergy reaction not to WHAT they are allergic for. These what tests can only be done at 3 years of age.
Please get some bloodwork done and see if your little one also has a high count. I would suggest that you take him off dairy and put him on a soya based formula.
Unfortunately with such an high count as my sons', we are not allowed to give him anything that contains dairy.
I have a list of things that he may eat if you need me to fax it to you.
There are some biscuits on the market that does not contain dairy, same with crisps, cereals, icecream, etc. so they can survive without diary!!
The doc told me that if we do not behave strict with him until he turns 3 and we can do proper bloodtests, he may retain a degree of ear damage because of the allergy that was ignored!
Oh, my son is also cronically using Singulair as well as a asthma pump as precaution.
All the best!

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