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Posted by: Worried Mom | 2008/05/14


Advantan Ointment & Eczema

Dear Doc and Mothers
Please advise, my dauther, 9mnths has been diagnosed with eczema, the paed prescribed Advantan Ointment and aqueous cream, but it doesnt seem to help, the cream is almost finished but there has been no change, instead the dry/red patches are spreading all over her legs, at first they were around the knee area. I am really worried about this, but her twin sister doesnt have them. Please advise!! God bless

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This may not be eczema but may be a condition called seborrhoeic dermatitis. Please see a paediatric dermatologist about this rash. Stop using Advantan as it is a strong cortisone cream and it is not helping your baby.

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Posted by: Rachel | 2014/11/22

My baby is 6 weeks and her padietrician examine her and recommend advantan with emulsifying ointment for her eczema,It work so fine.I used it only once and next day morning I find all te eczema gone,And for the itchness drink allecet syrup.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/10/25 Try this guy.. Posts globally. Worked wonders with my son.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2014/10/20

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Posted by: worried mom | 2014/10/03

my son also was diagnosed with seborrhoeic dermatits 2 yrs ago his been to the dermatologist and i feel frustrated now because there is nothing that seem to heal this , every time we visit the derma we get new scripts with new antibiotics which seem not to help and are so expensive , only now recently we started with advantan, just hope it helps. what causes seborrhoeic dermatitis?

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Posted by: Tony | 2014/05/20

Hi moms yes I do know how u feel. My baby was also diagnosed with eczema, doctor prescribed the advantan, but it thins the baby skin. so what i normaly do is mix it with epizone cream for three days and stop,and use only the epzone ceam. it really help with my baby.

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Posted by: Randy | 2008/05/14

My 17month old boy has eczema as well, and I also use Advantan. I found that mixing it with the aqueous cream doesnt make it as effective as it is on its own. So I use it clean directly on the affected areas, then what I do is when it goes away, I dilute it again with aqeuos or epi-max cream. I found that its almost like the skin eventually developes a resistance to it if you use it the same way continuously so try alternating it like I do. I also use alergex syrup in conjunction with the cream.

I know those patches of inflamed skin can be quite daunting to see, so I know how you must feel. Hang in there and keep trying the advantan as I suggested it. Good luck!

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Posted by: Mel | 2008/05/14

hi worried mom

Besides the obvious itching eczema causes, it really looks worse than it is a lot of the time and its not something to get too upset about.
It is very frustrating though I totally understand how you feel because you want to relieve the itchiness for them and sometimes it can get red and raw looking.

I bath my Lo in fragrance free aqeous cream only, I dont use any other products on him at all. I also lather him up in aqueous cream after his bath. i pat his skin dry gently under all folds like neck, knees etc

this used to work for him, but he is currently having a reoccurance where nothing is helping and I have made an appointment to see a dermatologist about it. At the moment the best i can do for him is give him allecet syrup which is an antihistamine, to take away the itch - not sure if your 9mth old may be too young? I also have been putting aloe on the bad spots as it soothes the skin, takes the itchiness away and seals the moisture in.

Type in eczema into google and you will get some information about it and what u can do to help your LO.

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