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Posted by: Tertia | 2009/05/05



On the 3rd April my 5yr old son got intestinal adenovirus &  was hospitilized. At our follow up appointment the doc said his a little constipated &  has given him stuff for that. Since he got the virus his appetite has been very bad. He never finishes his breakfast, never eats lunch at school &  I have to beg him when we get home to eat something &  at dinner time it' s a battle to get him to finish his food. Is this due to having the adenovirus or is this unrelated?? How can I improve his appetite?

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It is very unusual for a 5 year old boy to have such a poor appetite. He should be over his illness by now as it was more than 1 month ago.It is possible that a medicine is affecting him, but I presume that he is only on the laxative.It would be best to ask your doctor to see him again and try to establish just what is causing your son's problem. It is not unusual for a young child to be found to be anaemic or have some other signifcant reason for refusal to eat.

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/05

My grandson is 4,5 years old. He is normal in every way and his development &  milestones were all normal. He is even starting to read words, can write his name, count to at least 20 seems to have a photographic memory and has a sense of humour one normally sees in an adult. He plays with other children, is loving and affectionate. His speech however is very babyish. Most people cannot understand him, i even struggle sometimes. He cant say S and does not pronounce words properly. He does understand everything we say to him. His preschool teacher has not made any comment about his speech. He was assessed by a speech therapist and she mentioned " dyspraxia"  after listening to him for 15mins. We have reasearched this and he has none of the symptoms. He had an obsessive tendency when younger to " line things up"  all over the house. He has none of the symptoms for autism or aspergers. Do you think it could just be developmental delay or should be we get a second opinion from a speech therapist?

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Posted by: Anonymous | 2009/05/05

My grandson was born with a congenital squit (left eye was mainly affected), his father had the same problem as a child. My grandson had an op to correct this at age 2. It was party successful as the left eye went in again by 20 deg. He is being treated by a pediatric opthalmologist. The sight in his right eye is perfect but his sight is poor in his left eye. We were told patching the right eye for a few hours a day would bring up the sight in his left eye. He had a second op 4 days ago. This time the outer muscles were operated on to pull his eyes outwards and the bottom muscles as his eyes also tended to deviate upwards. His left eye now looks like its been pulled too far the other way! It is obviously still red, bruised and swollen but it looks worse than it did before. Is this ' normal'  and will it settle down in a week or so? This eye also looks like a blind persons eyes looks. Please can you reassure me! Thanks

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