Childhood Diseases

Posted by: | 2016/04/09


My parents are careless about my brother and when I warn them they find me guilty and target me.

I have a little brother of 8 years old who I love more then anyone, lately he started becoming very aggressive. There might be many reasons for this: my parents let him do anything, and give him anything without expecting productive effort, no discipline and they let him play aggressive games on playstation. He even learned some swearing on those online games, which he uses against me, he even hits me mindlessly until he has harmed me enough. He was never like this, I always warned my parents to not let him play those games, they did not take me seriously so I told them a scheme to follow (play only on saturday, sunday 2h/ day), I have signed him into a basketball club, I always pick up books from the school with him so he can read them. I don't even ask much, just 3-5 pages is enough for a kid. I do my best so he spends his time productive. Lately because of my parents extreme ignorance, he doesn't read, nor does he go to his basketball club, his school grades ar very good but his attitude and discipline is fading away quickly and this is where the problem starts. My parents are good and all but to be honest they are dumb and are making the same mistake they made when I was a kid. I spent years as a gaming addict and lost 2 years at school, I recently got rid of it myself and am now continuing my studies. I know for sure that my brother will undergo the same things just like me. I was depressed, frustrated, hated social acitivities etc. My parents don't care because he is playing in "moderation" (so they say), but he is just a kid and things will escalate. This is the first time I write an issue about my family on the internet, I got too frustrated and wanted to tell it on a forum. I don't think I can stop them because they are nescient. The worst is that they tell me it's all my fault, that I am not a good enough example. When I tell them it's not about me but about their way of doing things, they laugh at me and tell me I don't know much because I'm young. Lastly I want to tell that these games they've got on the market are pure evil, there is no exception to any game, it is designed to steal your precious time. Prime reasons for people like me to play them is to quit the reality, achieve things in games that I can't achieve in reality because of laziness etc, once you make gamer friends, and only gamer friends, it'll only blind you even further.

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