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Posted by: andrew | 2009/11/10


9 month old refusing bottle

my 9 month old daughter is refusing to drink from the bottle and does not want to weane from the breast. she is currently about 3 kg' s underweight and we are having trouble! please help?

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The average weight for a baby girl of 9 months is 8.2kg. If your baby is indeed 3kg below this weight then her weight is 5.2kg! This is well below the lowest line on the infant growth chart and indicates serious problems with her nutrition.It would be best to see a paediatrician about your baby's weight and her feeding problem.

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Posted by: Purple | 2009/11/10

ONly the breastfeeding should be on demand, the solids should be at usual meal times so that she starts getting used to a pattern and knowing when to expect what. Shouldn' t be rigid though - whether lunch is at 12:30, 12:42 or 13:03 probably won' t make much difference - so give a little early if she' s hungry, and a little later if you' re busy and she isn' t that hungry.

If she hasn' t dropped off her curve, then you have nothing to worry about. Remember she is moving around a lot more now, so what she does put on from food is lost from the sudden " excercise"  - so weight tends to even out and baby doesn' t appear to put anything on in this time. Bottle fed babies seem to continue putting on steadily though.

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Posted by: ANDREW | 2009/11/10

thanks for the response. she has been eating solids from 4 months and has not gone off the curve. she has just not picked up weight. we have seen a paediatrician and he has prescribed a vitamin. my wife is demand feeding her with solids and yoghurt.

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Posted by: Purple | 2009/11/10

If your baby is not following her curve and is underweight you do need to do something.

Have you visited your peadiatrician to rule out illness?
When a baby' s weight drops and they go off the curve they were on from birth, it does need to be checked by a peadiatrician.

If she was exclusively breastfed for 6 months and then you introduced solids, it is quite possible that she won' t put on any (or not much) weight between 9 and 12 months. This is normal - but she shouldn' t lose weight. The charts are normed on bottle fed babies who put on consistent weight over time. Breastfed babies put on in spurts.

Increasing moms milk supply will probably be more beneficial than weaning onto the bottle.
Firstly, she needs to demand feed, which means offering the breast when baby wants it, which is around 2 - 4 hourly and more often during growth spurts which last for about 4 days to a week.
Another thing that is helpful, is immediately after a feed to express for 3 - 5 minutes on each breast. This milk can be given as a top up after the next breast feed, and if baby is still hungry, some formula can then also be given as a top up. When topping up, ensure that baby is offered both breasts a couple of times and then a syring or cup of breastmilk is offered and only then a syring or cup of formula.

At this age, baby should also be on solids, a mid morning meal and a mid afternoon meal, and if she is underweight, adding a lunch time meal or an evening meal is probably not a bad idea either.
At nine months she can have a variety of fruits and vegetables, yoghurt, steamed chicken breast that you have put through your blender to turn into fine mince, chicken livers, minced steak, jungle oats, maltabella porridge.

Good luck.

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