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Posted by: NIno | 2011/09/28


8yrs child weights 50.8kg

Doc, Kindly help my litttle girl weigh 50.8 at the age of 8yrs am worried, I must do something, she is active she likes running around but she gets tired easily, Pls advice of what action needs to be done, Ladies and Gents pls help if anyone of you have/had a same problem, any suggestions are welcome or meal plans.

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The average weight for a girl of 8 years is 26kg. You can immediately see that your daughter's weight is far above this average weight. In fact her weight is above the top line of the children's weight chart.It would be a good idea if you let me know how tall she is because she may just be an exceptionally big girl for her age. Please measure her and let me know about her height and I will advise your further.

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Posted by: Purple | 2011/09/29

You should also post to the dietician - but like the paed says, they will need to know her height as well.

I think the key thing wiht children is that you dn''t try to make them lose weight, you just slow the rate at which they are gaining so that their height catches up to it.

Start by limiting the amount of chips and sweets and biscuits she eats. Don''t do it abruptly, but start by saying only one treat after supper and when that is going well, reduce it to treats only on a weekend (and one on a Saturday and one on a Sunday - after supper).

Cut out fizzy cooldrinks, sports drinks etc as these are often a cause for weight gain, as our fruit juices in excess (which can also lead to tooth decay).
Let her drink water, put some lemon or mint in it to get her used to it and serve it in pretty glasses with a lemon over the side and a curly straw to make it interesting.
Also let her have about 250ml of fruit juice a day, but split this into to glasses which are diluted - so half water half juice.

Give her a good breakfast such as a cereal or porridge or an egg and a slice of toast (give boiled or scrambled rather than fried) or a yogurt and some fruit.
Give a mid morning snack of some fruit or dried fruit or cheese or some nuts or some biltong. This should just be a little nibble.
At lunch give a sandwich with peanut butter and s syrup or cold meat and cheese and a little mayonaise, or a hot dog or something light and easy.
Give an aftenoon snack of some fruit or cheese or nuts - similar to the morning snack but different to what she had in the morning.
For supper give her a meal with portion sizes the size of the palm of HER hand and never make her finish the plate, just let her eat till she''s full. If she has not been filling up on junk food she will eat a decent amount. If she generallly guzzles her meal down, then encourage her to always leave a little bit on her plate.
Also use a smaller plate size so that it looks like there is more food than there is.
Serve two veggies, a starch and a protein.
Ideas for veggies - butternet, peas, broccolli, cualiflower, gem squash.
For starch - pasta, rice, potato, sweet potato, couscous
For protein - mince, fish, chicken, pork, red meat.

If she is still hungry later, then an apple or a snack bread or a light before bed snack or a glass of milk should help.

Offer her a glass of water with every meal and encourage her to sip regularly from a water bottle throughout the day.

As she is tiring easily even though she is active, you will need to encourage her to be more active. At this age she should be busy with sport of some sort at least two days a week - whether it is netball and rounders at school, or ballet and tennisprivately - one sport done twice a week or two sports once a week each doesn''t matter, but each class should be at least 45 minutes to an hour.
On the days when she doesn''t have sport, try to do a family walk or throw a ball to each other int he garden or let her swim. She should be doing this type of informal excercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

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