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Posted by: DEI | 2012/05/22


7month baby sucking all night

hi there,
my baby boy is 7 months old, he has been sleeping with us in bed from when he was born, he got into a good routine of me sitting up and breastfeeding him then winding him then he falls back to sleep i put him down next to us and he sleeps, but it got a bit much for my back so now i just breastfeed him lying down (on my side) while he latches on but that has become a problem because he is permanently latched onto me the whole night and if i take him off he does not go back to sleep, he also takes himself off but half an hour later he is back on and if he does not get it then he cries. what can i do to get him back to his old routine to get him to sleep through again? he is teething so i know that is also the cause of him being restless but his tummy is full and i dont know what more to do to get him to sleep. He will not take the bottle either.
please help

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Posted by: DEI | 2012/05/22

THANK YOU SO MUCH PURPLE, u have really been a great help.
we are blessed on this site to have u cos i notice you answer alot of posts. thanks again.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/05/22

oooh, I know that no duvet feeling. My children have both been duvet kicker offers. I just cover them in a thick blanket (a winter receiving blanket or two) which they can kick off if they like, and I keep the duvet on me. That way we can each keep our own temperature.

A friend of mine said that she took an old T-shirt, put it on and then cut it just above her breasts so that her shoulders and back remained covered in it at night but baby could just help himself while she slept without waking and her shoulders didn''t get cold. You could buy some cheap long sleeved shirts for winter for this purpose if you wanted to.

Ah yes, the joys of co-sleeping. Still, I find it easier than getting up out of bed on an icy night, walking to a cot, sitting there for nearly an hour or so trying to feed and put sleeping baby back in the cot when they are determined not to go into it.

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Posted by: DEI | 2012/05/22

Hi there purple,
THANK YOU so much for your help, the only problem i have is that he dont like the blanket over him lol :) he kicks it off so at night i am left " out in the cold" . yes the co-sleeping is so much easier but in the morning i have a sore back :) but that is all part of being a mother! thank u again for your help. much appreciated

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/05/22

What you describe is pretty normal behaviour for a 7 month old. They are busy during the day and often don''t feed as much as when little, so they make up for it at night. Also, while teething, many babies get much comfort from breastfeeding as you describe. You could also stry some prodol or vidol on his gums just before bed time to numb them, but be careful as if they numb his tongue he will find feeding difficult and then cry.

By co-sleeping and lying down to feed baby as you are doing, you can sleep and rest while baby feeds.

This phase will pass soon enough and he will go back to sleeping longer stretches again.

Personally I was really glad when my newborns head was big enough that we could lie down and feed and I no-longer had to sit up. I also co-sleep and have found there are definite patches when my babies seemed to feed constantly all night, and other times when they slept through and I would wake them to ease my rock hard breasts - last night was one of those nights for us.

Hang in there, it will pass and soon enough he won''t want to be in the bed with you anymore and you''ll miss the closeness. - I know that isn''t much comfort when you have had no sleep though.

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