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Posted by: Cee | 2012/02/22


7 month old does not want formula at ALL!!!

Hi I have a baby boy who is going to be 7 months next Tuesday. I breast fed him for 4 months (full time) before going back to work. I started him on the bottle at around 31/2 months so as to prepare myself and him for when I get back to work. All was fine until about 4 weeks ago, when he suddently decided he doesnt want the formula anymore. I still give breastmilk though, at night but during the day he will have porridge, purity (non vegetable one) and porridge again in the evening. in between, I have tried to introduce tea (rooibos for babies) and he will take a sip now and again but not drink much. I am worried that he is not getting enough milk <  which is still important for someone his age. Please assist - he was on NAN HA

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Your baby is definitely not taking enough fluid.You can either express breast milk for him or you need to find a formula that he will take. Try either Lactogen 2 or NAN Pelargon if you are sure that he is not allergic to cow's milk.He must not have solids before he has had his formula feed as he will feel full and will not take the formula.

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Posted by: PUrple | 2012/02/23

Peaches also have lots of fluid so that''s great. Banana and butternut might contsipate him if he''s not taking lots of fluids.

Can you mix some breatmilk in his butternut? that will up his fluid intake as well.

Try and express every 2 or 3 hours at work if possible and leave this milk for him, he might prefer the breast milk to the formula.

If he reverse cycles and makes up for his fluid intake needs at night, its ok to go longer stretches in the day without (a baby who sleeps through the night goes that long), but to make that work, he has to feed regularly through the night, not just once or twice a night.

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Posted by: Cee | 2012/02/22

Thank you Purple for your feedback. I do leave gemsquash but he does not eat it on its own. So I have reverted to mixing gemsquash with banana or butternut with peaches purity - or some vegetable with some fruit of the same colour

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/02/22

some babies at this age do what is called " reverse cycling"  where they wait for mom to come home from work, and then they make up for the milk they have missed by feeding a lot at night. Co-sleeping does help with this.

If baby won''t take formula, can express milk for him and leave that to be taken by bottle or cup or sippy cup or even ice blocks that he can eat when slushy. You can also add it to baby''s porridge to get it in.
As baby is on solids, ensure that some juicy fruits such as grapes (cut them in half and let baby pick them up and eat them) or mango or watermelon are offered. Also, leave more moist veg such as gem squash for baby.
Also offer water in a sippy cup at meal times and when baby wakes from sleeps.

Keep up your milk supply by continuing to breastfeed on demand whenever you are with baby - mornings, evenings, night times, weekends.

If possible, have your baby close to where you are at work, so that you could stop by during your lunch break and breastfeed.

Some moms also find it helpful if they breastfeed baby last thing before they leave home or drop baby at the day mother or creche, and then as soon as they arrive at home or the day mother or creche - before leaving for home they breast feed again.

If he was thirsty, he would take what was offered - babies are not suicidal. Sometimes what helps with a reluctant feeder, is if a bottle is usually cold, offer it warm or if its usually warm, offer it cold. Sometimes warming the teat helps. Sometimes its just temporary and a spot of teejel before offering the bottle helps. Also, babies have hungry days sometimes and not so hungry days other times.

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