Posted by: Gideon | 2004/10/06


7 month baby only sleeping for a hour at a time during the night.

My 7 month old boy sleeps for approx hour at a time during the night. He wakes up regularly and the only way to get him to sleep again is if my wife breast feeds him. The lack of proper sleep is a cause of concern for us. Any advice?

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We have answered many similar questions and there are no easy answers. The only advice would be to only allow him 1-2 feeds at night and the rest of the time the dad my have to check up on him that he is alright and then preferably leave him alone to settle down again, even if he does cry. The only way to establish a more acdeptable routine is to remove the incentive to wake up every hour.

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Posted by: Sally | 2004/10/11

My 6 month little girl wakes up about three or four times a night she is bottle feed and has about 100 - 150 ml on two of her feeds. The other times she is cold or just cant find her dummy.

As everyone else has said it just takes time and not every baby is the same. My husband and I take turns on getting up that is the only way you can both work and keep peace at home.

One day we will all look back and have other problems with our children but at the moment you have to try get sleep, maybe let the grand parents look after the little ones so you can have a good sleep.
Good Luck

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/10/08

At 7 months, a baby isn't breast feeding at night from hunger, unless he is having a growth spurt.

Giving formula interferes with supply and demand and will reduce milk supply.

If a baby hasn't had a bottle, then so long as he is doing some sucking (on the breast), it is better to give any formula, if Gideon tries this route, by cup, as why introduce a bottle if you've managed to avoid doing so for so long.

Yes of course a time comes when someone has had enough of breast feeding, but letting your baby suckle at night and go off to sleep results in a lot more sleep for all than leaping up, rocking your baby while you heat the water for the bottle, mixing in the formula, feeding the bottle, rocking baby off to sleep again etc.

Its really a personal decision, and it doesn't sound as if Gideon was moaning about the breast feeding, he was moaning about the lack of sleep. As my baby is doing exactly the same, I really feel for their family.

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Posted by: A | 2004/10/07

Firstly I am all "for" breastfeeding but there comes a time when parents have had enough - purely from past experience. Try giving baby some formula in a bottle and see what happens - you may find he is not getting enough from moms milk

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/10/07

My 8 month old does the same.

I just put him in bed with me, breast feed till he falls asleep. If I am still awake, I move him to his cot. If I am asleep, he stays in bed with us. We all just get more sleep if we don't stress about it and just have him in bed with us. I do put him in his cot in his own room after his bath in the evening and only put him in our bed after we have gone to bed, I feed him or rock him and put him back in his cot before then.

He is probably just after reassurance and comfort. Letting him have this will mean that the phase passes sooner.

Leaving him to "cry it out' will result in an apathetic baby who doesn't trust you to meet his emotional needs, and is quite frankly cruelty bordering on abuse. Babies wake from: hunger, thirst, too hot, too cold, bad dreams, teething pain, pins and needles in the arms or legs etc, just like adults do.

I have been complaining about the lack of sleep at work, and all my colleagues have been laughing and saying "its that 6 - 9 month phase"

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