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6 year Old Boy starting school behaviour change

My son was a very Calm stubborn but pleasant child until he started Grade 1 this year. He turned six in November Last year. He is one on the youngest and also the one of the smallest kids his class. He has lost weight since starting school. Was 20.7 Now 19kg’ s
I have two areas I would appreciate a professional opinion on.
His meal plan (Monday to Friday) is:
Breakfast –  a few bites weetbix/future life/pronutro/oats with milk and a few sips of water. Occasionally I will mix him a pediasure when he wakes up but he is slow to get started in the morning that there is seldom time to get him to drink it.
10 –  O clock break at school –  2 Slices brown/whole wheat/low GI Bread with not crust and Peanut butter, a piece of cheese or about 30g Biltong, grapes. I pack 330ml Oros bottle of cooldink he very seldom finishes. (He only eats Peanut butter on bread)
1:30 –  he has a 330ml Bottle of water and a Jungle oats bar. (When I used to pack him a lunch box like the one above it went wasted daily)
2:30 –  he has yoghurt or a sandwich or 3 fish fingers and cucumber with something to drink
6:00 –  we have supper that is usually fish/meat/chicken with salad or veg. occasionally with potato or rice
7:30 Bed time - I sometimes mix him a pediasure as a bed time to drink otherwise he just has water.
Is this enough for a growing boy and is there anything I can improve on?
He has had a change in personality since the “ big School”  started. The teachers have not complained yet but I have noticed the change in behaviour at home and at school. He is very emotional and gets very upset very quickly. At school little things like another child getting or pushing in the line before him upsets him very much and he then pushes/shouts/fights for that spot. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. I also feel his concentration level is down and he is also very easily distracted by the kids around him and then becomes a “ naughty child”  in school and is often moved to the back of the row where the trouble really starts.
I was thinking of giving him rescue drops but read on another one of the paediatricians replies not to. I do give him EYE Q capsules but I am not consistent with them. The bottle reads 6 capsules’  daily for six weeks. Is this necessary? Another person wrote they give were told to give eye q and biostrath. Can I give both and how do I go about it? Do I give him 2 capsules eye q morning, lunch and supper time and then biostrath as well? Is the liquid better than the pills or should I give him pills crushed over food. I do not know and I do not want to make him sick.
I am really worried about my little boy he is keeping me at arm’ s length and I can see he is overwhelmed and hurting from constantly being in trouble.

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Your son's diet is excellent with the possible exception of his breakfast, but then he is not too keen on eating.
I think that you already know the reason why he is so difficult lately. Just look at your first sentence again where you say that it all started since he has been at school this year. He is seriously unhappy at this school, so much so that he has lost a lot of weight and his behaviour has become a problem. Being the smallest and youngest in his class may have opened him up to being bullied. You need to ask him and his teacher to find out if there is any obvious problem. Again I strongly suspect that he is being bullied and there may be more than one of the boys in his class or at the school that are doing this. He needs to make at least one good friend at the school. Invite this friend to your home. If you cannot solve the problem easily it may be necessary to ask if he can change to another class. He needs lots of understanding and support and his dad needs to play a role in trying to boost his confidence.

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