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Posted by: liv | 2007/03/01


4 months old baby must she start eating

hi all brave moms!!!!!!

My litle angel will be 4 months next week. shes drinking between 3 to 4 hours 125ml interflora milk. who did start giving their baby 's ceareal????? what amount does your 4 months old drinking at the moment??????please give me a lillte advise!!!

many thanks
keep well all hardworking mom's

cheers liv

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Posted by: davidson | 2007/03/02

hi liv, my baby girl is 4 months as well and the problem we now have is that my daughter does not want milk , she doesnt like the taste, and she will rather have it out a cup( and she was breast fed). she can only manage to drink about 90ml at a time , but we it with her so that she at least finishes 150ml formula besides her water and juice.her pead and a homeopath have put her on solids and she loves it, she has become a great experimenter with food, like today she had avo. if you baby seems fine without food dont start yet ( she seems hungry after milk feeds), but if you do only start with one spoonful, just for her to get use to the taste and texture of solids. my friends 4 month girl drinks 200ml and is eating solids quite well, and i compared my daughter to hers. if that is all she can drink dont force more

good luck

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Posted by: Purple | 2007/03/02

Most babies are ready for solids closer to 6 months.

When she is grabbing for your food and clearly recognising it as food, sucking on it if she can get hold of it.
She's able to sit up nice and straight in your lap (she doesn't have to be sitting on her own though).
When she tries to put a toy in her mouth she puts it straight into her mouth and doesn't bang her forehead on the way there.

And, the most important one - her tongue thrust reflex is gone. This is a protective reflex that disappears around the time a baby's gut has the necessary enzymes for the digestion of food other than milk (lactase is what digests the milk, and other enzymes are present in addition to this from around 6 months).
So, if you give baby food and her tongue comes right out again - she's not ready yet. Wait a few weeks and try again - you'll know she's ready when she swallows it.

There is no truth to the old wives tale that you need to give veggies first otherwise your child won't eat them because they've tasted fruit.
My child (and most of my friends) started on fruit then moved to veggies and then started getting some protein, and then we began with jungle oats and the porridges. My child eats veggies as well as any other toddler does (they aren't that fond of veggies), but he adores broccoli - he eats it raw and cooked and would live on broccoli alone if I"d let him.

Cereal is not ideal food for babies as it can give them cramps. Baby cereal was developed to combat malnutrition in places where the people were too poor to afford healthy food for their families - so its better than nothing, but mashed fresh fruit with expressed breastmilk mixed in is a far better first food. I used a nearly over ripe banana mixed with breastmilk as a first food.

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