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Posted by: DEI | 2012/02/17


4 Month old to lose weight urgently and to take bottle

hi there,
i have a 4 month old son (over 9kg''s)who only has breastmilk, for 4 months i have been only giving him breast milk and now that i am back at work he dont want the bottle, i do however express my milk and put it in a bottle but he does not want to take it from the staff at the creche so i go and breastfeed. but my main problem is that he needs to lose weight urgently as he has to have an operation on his testicles. he as a hernia and water in them and the more weight he puts on the more dangerous it is. i feed him 3 hourly but what else can i do to help him lose weight quicker. the paediatrician says i must not give him water or formula or purity.
in the beginning i tried S26, infacare and now novalac and he dont like any of them.
please help, thanks

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The average weight for a baby boy of 4 months is 6.8kg. Your baby's weight of 9kg is in the top 2% of babies for his age.Try to reduce the number of feeds to 6 to 7 per day.Wait until he is 6 months before giving him solids.You can try him on NAN Pelargon if you want to put him on a formula.Do not give him water.

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Posted by: DEI | 2012/02/17

hi purple,
thanks for the reply, he cant go for the operation yet until he has lost over 3 kg''s cos he has to go back down to being a 4 month old weight, and the more weight he puts on the more pressure on his testicles which will cos more damage. I try feeding him 3 hourly but it is hard cos he screams and cries and stops breathing it is so bad he wants milk , but i am really trying. i am glad that my creche is here at my work so i can just pop in lunch times to feed him but i am thinking about if i need to go away weekend and leave him with a sitter, he wont take the bottle. but that is the least of my problems like i said, i need him to lose weight.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/02/17

This sounds very stressful for you.

Perhaps see another doctor for a second opinion.

Many babies do get quite chubby on breastmilk (though they lose this weight when they get more active) and some babies are quite slim while on breastmilk (and don''t lose when they become more active). However, if you start giving formula, your baby will get a lot fatter as formula does lead to quite fat babies (the weight they gain from formula does seem to cause problems that the weight gained from breast milk doesn''t, but I''m not sure why and how it all works) so if you give formula you will probably have him put on a lot more weight.

Many breastfed babies won''t take a bottle when apart from mom until they have learned to trust their care givers or they get hungry enough. They won''t starve themselves though and will take if very hungry or thirsty. By going to feed him at creche and then feeding him when you are with him, you are meeting his needs, as he just waits until you are around to feed him. Many moms make work and breastfeeding work in this way.

Can you contact an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant or the La Leche League for some help with the feeding and weight queries, and perhaps see another doctor for a second opinion as well?

How soon is the operation scheduled? can it be done very soon so that your worries about his weight gain don''t have to drag on? What suggestions has your doctor given?

If you feed your baby less often your baby is going to be crying a lot from hunger. Your milk supply will go down to match this (though when you start feeding him more often again it will go up again), but I don''t think this is very good for his overall health.

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