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Posted by: SR | 2012/05/25


4 day old

Hi Dr
my baby girl is 4 days old and is breastfeeding. She seems to have bad cramps and a lot of dirty nappies, the poop is now orange - should i be worried?
Als she doesn''t feed for more then 5-10 minutes each feed = how di get her to feed longer so that she sleeps longer? At the moment she wakes every hour to to hours for a feed?

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It seems that your baby is hungry feeder. Her stools are normal for a breast fed baby at this stage.She is very young still and will settle down to a more or less 3 hourly feeding routine. If you have any concerns with feeding it would be best to go to your nearest baby clinic for advice.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/05/28

It can be very worrying when we don''t know why our baby is doing certain things.

Your baby''s pattern is actually fairly normal - babies feed very frequently at this young age.
Don''t worry how long or short feeds are - that depends how slow or fast your milk flows.

What you might find useful is to lay back in bed with your shoulders propped on pillows, take your top off and have baby in just a nappy. Put babies head by your breasts, tummy against your tummy and legs towards your legs and just let her feed and feed and feed. Gravity will help the huge flow of milk not to overwhelm her.

The poo is quite normal. Your milk has changed from colostrum to more mature milk and so the meconium has passed. Doing these orangey yellow poos that look like they have seeds in them is a sign that baby is getting enough milk. There should be around 2 - 5 or more per day. She should also have 5 or 6 wet disposable nappies or 6 - 8 wet cloth nappies.

It sounds like you are doing very well.

You might like to read up a bit on breastfeedign on w w w dotkellymom dot c o m and w w w dot lalecheleague dot o r g.

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Posted by: Racoon | 2012/05/26

Dear SR,

If your baby is only 4 days old it means your milk probably came in yesterday? You need to give your milk production time to settle in and also baby time to adapt to the bright new world. Try to feed her laying down on your side, she will snuggle there and feel safe and ca drink whenever she needs to. You can place her on a pillow. I specifically say needs, because that is how she is helping you milk supply to increase to suit her needs. It generally takes 6 weeks for breast feeding to settle in. Hang in there. Oh, and any color poop is fine. Enjoy every moment with you little person!

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Posted by: K | 2012/05/26

I have a 6 week old baby and in her first week she was just like that. Try to be patient, just feed her whenever she asks, once your milk is established it will get better. Also, babies, especially newborns, have a very small tummy so they cannot eat a lot in one go. I was told that breastmilk is digested much faster then formula so babies who are breastfead tend to sleep for shorter periods.

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Posted by: Been There | 2012/05/25

She wakes up every hour because she only feeds for 10min so is never full enough. Keep her awake, if you see she''s falling asleep wake unlatch her, burp her and put her back on. She needs to feed a minimum of 20-30 minutes depending on your milk flow. You can also express to see how much your milk supply is at the moment. If you dont have enough milk, give her a formula top-up until your breast milk catches up. If you are in Cape Town, they Blooms Pharmacy''s Colic Mixture, works like a charm and saved my life. Best of luck.

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Posted by: anon | 2012/05/25

maybe she has colic...try to get her telament drops. as for waking up every hour,,,just be patient for the next 3 months. it will be all over before you know it.

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