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Posted by: Can' t take any more | 2010/01/28


3 yr old terror

We have a problem with our son who is turning 3 next month. He is a very intelligent little boy (we have been told by his teachers). He is very aggressive, particuarly at creche, having given his teacher last year a bloody nose, and hitting 3 teachers yesterday. We have taken him to our paediatrician and to a child phsycologist and both say there is nothing wrong with him - he just needs more discipline. We have tried reward charts, time outs and have even resorted to smacking (which have absolutely no effect on him). He has an older sister who is 5, and they adore each other - hardly ever fighting with each other. Is there someone else we could take him to, or an institution that would be able to assist us - we are at our wits end (I' m even considering dropping him off at child welfare).

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You are certainly having a very bad time with your son who is living proof of the 'terrible twos' There is definitely a problem here. Your son may be showing a form of attention seeking behaviour. Do not smack him as this may result in him becoming even more aggressive and this may persist to later in his life.He does not realise the consequences of his behaviour at his age.Try to raise his self esteem by praising him for anything that he does well or if he behaves well.
I know that you have already seen a paediatrician and a psychologist but would like you to take your son to see a paediatric neurologist. There are some forms of epilepsy where children present with extremely aggressive behavior.He is to young to diagnose ADD but this needs to be considered as well as some forms of the autism syndrome.

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Posted by: MOMMY | 2010/02/08

As per my question submitted 29/01/2010 3 Year Old chews Finger. I have been told that my child is getting trigert by coffee because of the caffeine in the coffee could this be true. I did not really realise that I am the reason for my son' s out burst and mood swings.I feel so bad putting my son through all this.I made him sick so I need to make him better.My son loves his coffee some days he' ll drink about 2-3 cups other days he' ll drink a cup and about 1/2 a hour later he' d want another cup.Could this be the trigger to bitting his fingers.This weekend he got cross with me for no reason and threw me with his bicycle he is only 31/2 years old he was cross with me the hole day even after he slept and woke up.I am sorry for putting my child threw this.PLEASE HELP ME HELP HIM?

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Posted by: Shelby | 2010/01/29

Hi there,

I sympathize with you. Try what the Doc says and go to the Paedatric Neuroligist. My child has epilepsy and it is being treated by this Doctor. They do a whole lot of tests and could pick something up that only a trained eye can do.

My child is also 3 next month, although he is not aggressive, he has been bullied by someone in his class, who has been hitting many of the kids. This child is no longer in his class and my child' s whole attitude has improved. Perhaps this is the problem with your child.

Good luck to you.

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Posted by: Can' t take any more | 2010/01/28

We do discipline him at home, but he' s not nearly as bad at home as he is at creche when we' re not around. He also has his routines (he has had the same routine everyday since he was 4 months old wrt bathing, bed time etc). Sleeps very well, eats well, he' s also completely potty trained (potty trained in 3 weeks). I don' t know if maybe its something at his creche, but his sister also goes there and there are no problems with her. He is not an emotional child (quite opposite to his sister). So maybe he is acting out his emotions - if he can' t have something, he' ll just take it! Dr, I still need direction on what to do with him now.

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Posted by: Racoon | 2010/01/28

My 2c' s worth. Have you checked his diet? Some food additives can cause aggression. Is he drinking Coke? eating or drinking red or yellow foodstuffs? those can really have a major effect.

Best of luck!

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Posted by: R | 2010/01/28

Whew, that' s hectic. Seems like discipline is needed - you need to be very firm.
Check if he sticks to ruotines, gets enough sleep, eats well and healthy, gets enough attention at certain times when that' s all he needs from you, and is there anything that triggers this behaviour that you have noticed?
I believe children act out their emotions (which even they don' t understand sometimes), even when being naughty, and they are really trying to tell us something.
You are in control.

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