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Posted by: WHY?? | 2011/10/26


3 year pooing pants

For a while now we have been struggling with my 3 year old girl, she keeps on pooing in her pants.
She has been fully potty trained for a year now, and she has not gone through any thing emotional that we can think of.
It started off with small marks as if she farted and it went wrong, and I did not make to big a deal out of it, but if it was clean I would clap my hands and dance! Then it started happening more often, and at some point I just started shouting at her, as I just had enough!
The reason for this is that I believe it is just her being naughty, she plays, and then does not want to stop playing and rather just poo in her pants! And she does agree with me....
Now over the weekend it happened again, and she had a long talk with her father, and they agreed that if it happens again, he is going to put a nappy on her! So, yesterday when I picked her up from school, we smelled something and when I checked her panty was full of poo again!!! I got SSSOOOO mad?!?!
So hubby took her, cleaned her and put a nappy on her!
And when we took it off to bath, there was poo in the nappy as well! So, she had to sleep with one on.

THis happens at school and at home...

How do I handle this???
Have had so many conversations with her about it?!

Thank you for your time!!

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You really need to take the pressure off your daughter and yourself. Let her wear pull-ups again and tell her when she is ready she will be able to stop using them. She is very young still and she will learn to go to the toilet all by herself. It may take 6 months, but she will learn. Be patient, give lots of praise and do not get cross with her.

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Posted by: Liesel | 2011/10/27

I was an au pair a few years ago - the little girl I was looking after had the same problem, for pee she when to the toilet but for poo it happened in het pants.
She was 3 years old when I started living with them...
I had me crazy as well, but het mother was never angry and always supported het no matter what - I learned to be calm about it as well.
Yust always carry clean clothes.
After I letf, when she turned 4 she was diagnosed with a condiction (dont know the name) but she can not feel poo comming. She is now on medication.

I know this is relavent to children with hypotonia as well.

Maybe you should make sure your child does not have a medical reason for this before you shout and break her/his confidence for the rest of her/his life.

Or: how about blowing bubbles while she sits on toilet for poo or make it fun for her to do it right.

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Posted by: Leila | 2011/10/27

Now in reply to the paediatrician who advised the mom of the 3yr old to be really patient and take the pressure off her, it seems like that the mom was already doing. At 3 it is way too big to poo in your pants! Like I said my 10 yr old still does it and it is unimaginable! He''s bad habit of rushing is so hard to break! I really dont know what to do besides constantly telling him how bad it is! Worse is, it doesnt even seem to bother him!
Please advise, anyone!

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Posted by: ANRE | 2011/10/27

I know this 5 year old that started doing it out of the blue a while ago... he kinda stopped when hearing that he is a " baby"  again and that he will have to wear a nappy... that " threat"  seemed to work with him...

But I constructed a little story that also seemed to help, although at age 3 I don''t know if it will work and if she''ll understand...

But I googled pictures and the story was basically about this naughty boy that always poo''d in his pants and people thought he was stinky and ugly and no one liked him... (visuals of a stinky bum / people pulling faces etc)... and then came the big scary germs that likes poo and that bit his bum so sore with their scary teeth that he had to go to the docter and get a big injection because he got very sick of the germ bites... Something to that effect... I think kids sometimes has to believe in things like... your finger will fall off if you show your middle finger in a bad manner or your face will stay like that if you pull it ugly... they aren''t sure if you are lying or not, but they are too scared to " risk"  it... so maybe she''ll be scared that the germs will bite?

Mayby paly around with something like that?

I''m not a mommy, but I tell you, I can imagine your frustration and anger. And they don''t seem to do it to deliberately upset you, but yes, for whatever reason they do it, it needs to stop at some time...


PS. Google it too, it is a very common problem and I found some great tips, you just need to see which ones will work for you.

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Posted by: Leila | 2011/10/26

Now while I dont have an answer for you unfortunately, I would just like to tell you that I have the same problem - it started also around 3 and my son is 10 and still does it! It is a very embarrassing problem but I just dont know how to deal with it! No matter how much we talk to him he still does it! He rushes in and out of the loo. I also need HELP! Anybody out there - please advise!

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