Posted by: Shy | 2012/07/25


18 Month Aold baby not eating solids

My Baby Girl is 18 months old, she starting eating solids and took quite well to it but now its been a month since shes not eating solid meals, she has her porridge in her bottle in the mornings and thats it for the day no food, she refuses to eat, but will nibble on biscuits and junk food. supper as well she will refuse food then im left with nothing but to give her porridge in her bottle at nght again. She also breaks out in rashes on her upper chest and arms, Please help.....

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It is possible that your little girl has a food allergy as she has developed this rash which sounds like eczema.She may be protecting herself by avoiding foods which she instinctively knows may make her rash worse. Your daughter should be seen by a paediatric allergist so that she can properly tested for allergies and also put onto the correct treatment and given dietary advice.

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Posted by: Purple | 2012/07/26

Stop giving hte junk food and only offer healthy food. Avoid whatever foods may set her allergy off.

Don''t put cereal into her bottle. That is filling her up with empty calories, so then she doesn''t eat breakfast, she then nibbles on junk all day and then won''t eat her meals.

If you keep offering healthy meals and don''t let her fill up on cereal and junk then when she is hungry she will eat.

Offer her a small bottle of milk on waking, then a healthy breakfast such as oats or maltabella or toast with peanut butter or an egg or a yoghurt.

Offer her a mid morning snack of small pieces of fruit or cheese, and of course some water to drink.

When she has her sleep, you could give her a bottle then too if you usually do.

Give her a healthy lunch such as fruit or sandwiches. Offer water to drink.

Let her have an afternoon snack, fruit or a muffin or scone or rusk or dried fruit.

Giver her supper - whatever you eat as a family is fine.

Let her have a her bottle before bed time.

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Posted by: Annie | 2012/07/25

We''ve had phases like that.... my LG are now 2 years old. She never were a big eater.
Sometimes they dont have time to eat! Fortunately my LG is in daycare and eats well with all her friends. So at least breakfast and lunch is taken care of.
Presently she is picking up weight and healthy, so I let her eat if she wants in the evening and if she dont eat I leave her be. I used to give her a shake in her bottle when she did not eat dinner, but I stopped this as she got used to this and then did not eat dinner ever.
Currently it depends - some nights she eats a lot and other nights nothing - but then she''ll be looking for something to eat the next morning (hungry)
I also always offer her food first before her sippy cup. As after one year solids should become her main food source.

We were at a stage (when she was underweight and not gaining - we were weighing monthly) when she could eat anything even sweets as long as she eats, but at least that part is over!

I am not sure if any of these will help? You can also try hiding biscuits and junk foods and offer her yesterdays left overs when she wants something to eat. Or bake her pumpkin fritters for biscuits etc.

I am not sure about the rashes though. Could it be an allergy? Or perhaps dry skin - my baby has this problem at the moment.

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