Posted by: mierie | 2004/12/14


14 month old knows how to say sentences

My daughter seems to be a step ahead, she has been saying "one" words from age 9 months and by 14 months she could already string togehter 4 words and at 16 months has 2 sentences to her vocabulary as well as quite a few other words including people around her names. She has also indicated readiness for being potty trained and has been cooperating with the nanny already at 15 and a half months re the potty. I dont really have a concern but rather wanted to get comments from other parents re girl children, are they normally this fast? Also if any other parents have experienced this what was your reaction to other "jealous" parents who seem to always jump to the conclusion that you are the one pushing your child to be way ahead, i have been met with nothing but resentment when sharing my daughter's development with supposedly friends. Is the world really that sad that we can be so negative even about the good things in life? I have enough intellegence to know not to push my child if she is ready why do i get this reaction?

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Unfortunately many parents do "push" their children to develop and perform, which is not necessarily bad if done within the right constraints. It does sound as if your little girl is naturally developing remarkably fast, which is wonderful. It is normal for a mother to be proud of her children and you have every right to be proud, but the important thing is to provide the right environment for your child to be a happy and secure child that will reach her full potential.

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/12/17

Hi Me,

We also don't use "baby talk" to my baby. We do use "doggie" and "kitty" and words like that, but we don't refer to a dog as a "woof woof". If other people do, then I just say "yes, the dog goes woof" to him and hope the person gets the hint.

I've got a boy, and I must say that he is quite quick, but my friends who have girls, their babies are so far ahead of the norm, and of all the boys, including my boy. I think that girls are faster than boys. I don't know if there is any real evidence to back this up or not, but from my own experiences, I think its true.

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Posted by: Me | 2004/12/17

Mine is also 16 and believe me she is saying all this words, she even knows her name, and my neighbours son is also of the same age but he still cannot say 1 word.
my husband warned us not to baby-talk with her and i think this helped a lot cause we are just talking a normal language with her (this also helps) and maybe girls are faster than boys (if anyone agrees with me)

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Posted by: Purple | 2004/12/14

My baby is ten months old. He has also being saying words since 9 months - he points at things and names them - mama, dada, light and things like that. When he eats food he likes, he says yum. He says hello when someone walks through the door, and bye and waves if you tell him you're going.

He smiled for the first time at 3 and a bit weeks, he started cooing and gurgling (saying coo, haa, adda, agaa, agoo etc) at 5 weeks, at 4 months he started mimicing words my husband and I said, but didn't associate meaning with them - cow and hello. at 5 months he started saying baba and dada and at 7 months said mama (this was just indiscriminate babbling though).

The nurse at our clinic told me that all it showed was that his hearing was good.

I think that different babies develop early in different areas. I come from a family of early talkers - my mother says that I began saying words at 9 months too. My husband was apparently stringing words together before he could walk.

My son is almost walking now, and has been crawling since 8 and a half months (only very slightly early), so his gross motor skills are pretty much at normal, but verbal skills early.

I haven't had many comments from other mothers, as the mothers I'm friends with all have babies who are ahead in one area of another and average in other areas. We just accept that they are all different and developing at their own paces.

Despite all the stimulation etc we give our children - they will still develop at the pace they were genetically determined to develop at, so you couldn't force your child to talk even if you tried to - so just ignore the ill informed mothers who make you feel bad.

All of us mothers are proud of our children and think they're awfully clever as they reach each little achievement - and rightly so!!

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