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Posted by: Zombie mom | 2010/09/22


11 month old insomniac

Hi Doc
I dont know where to start, i am hoping you can advise me on what to do. I have two boys the one is 5 and the other one is 11 months next week. I have a sleeping problem with my 11 month old. From birth he was very different to my older son. He cried for no reason, he wouldnt sleep, there were days where he wouldnt stop crying, he really tested me as a mom, then i started giving him solids at 4 months, and each passing day he became easier and cried less. He was never a routine child and still isnt, we will put him in a routine and it will last for a week and he will just change it on his own, so i have completely given up on the idea. The problem now is that he started sleeping through the night, occassionaly waking up here and there, but i would move him into another position and he would fall asleep. The last two weeks have been a complete nightmare. He has this new thing where he will wake up at 1am or 2am or 3am sometimes even at 11pm, i will move him around he will sleep for 10 mins or 30 mins and then he''s awake again! I have now resorted to put him in our bed as i am exhausted, but he rolls around like a tornado or cries or moans and this goes on for hours. His afternoon nap time has also changed, he sleeps an hour in the morning (whereas he used to sleep 2-2and half hrs) and he sometimes took a 40 min nap in the late afternoon, which now he stays awake.He did break out in a small rash on the weekend and got a fever on the Sunday night. i took him to our Gp and we discovered he has tonsilitis and the rash was a form of ecsema (which has now slighlty dissapeared). he still had a light fever last night, but was happy and laughing this morning like nothing happened. He is a good healthy child in general, but this sleeplesness is draining me and i am becoming monster mom. Another question is when he started crawling about a month ago, he would moan every time he moved, he still does it is it something to be concerned about?
Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank-You for taking the time out and helping us mothers

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Your nerves are very stretched and you desperately need to get some sleep.Your baby is rapidly developing the habit of waking up every night and his main aim is to get into your bed. He does not appear to have another reason for waking such as reflux as he was sleeping quite well until recently.He also is not hungry for the same reason.He appears to be one of the rather clever babies who do not seem to need much sleep during the day. You must not allow him into your bed. He is a bit young but you appear to have only one choice and that is to use the controlled crying method. This is very hard on the nerves and may take more than one night but it should work.Look this up on Google. Sedatives are not recommended.

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