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Hi there,

My son is extreamly fussy when it comes to eating - I have to force him to eat. He was coming around and eating regular meals but now he is back to his old tricks, he will scream &  perform but will sometimes swallow the food. I have cut down on juice &  chips and he has 3 bottles for the day. Feeding him is such a daunting task. He is very lazy to eat but loves his bottle

I really dont know what to do with him anymore. Please advise me.


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The main thing is that you should not have to force your son to eat.He should definitely not be eating any chips or similar foods at his age. You were right to stop juice as well.He may prefer very soft mushy food still so try him on his favourite foods one at a time but still finely mashed or pureed.Give him his solid food before you offer his bottle. Make mealtimes fun and peaceful and don't be upset if he leaves some of his food uneaten. He will start eating when he is ready. Also go to our new Parenting24 line on Health24 for more advice.

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Posted by: Purple | 2010/07/13

At around a year babies start to eat less food as they aren''t growing quite as fast as the rate at which they grow before. Many mums think that their child who has always eaten so well is suddenly fussy, but it is quite normal and nothing to worry about.

By stopping all junk food such as biscuits and sweets you are doing the right thing.

Don''t force him to eat, you are just causing yourself a life long battle then.

Only offer healthy food, in small portions throughout the day and when your child is hungry, he will eat.
STick to your three bottles per day as some children do fill up on milk and then refuse solids.

What I often did at this age, was put a bowl of fresh fruit cuit into pieces onto our lounge table and let my son help himself while he played. when it was nearly finished, I''d add cubes of cheese, when that was nearly finished I''d put some chicken livers down, when those were nearly done I''dd add a few sugar snap peas to dip in hummus. Later I''d put a yogurt down.
He''d graze away on healthy food while playing.
I also discovered from when he was around ten months old that if I tried to feed him he''d eat nothing, he insisted on feeding himself and was not yet capable of using a spoon, so for supper and breakfast I''d put newspaper down under his high chair to catch the mess, and I''d have a wet cloth handy and I''d leave him to it with porridge or yogurt or pasta with minced chicken and veg in it - all food was finger food.
Afterwards I''d clean him and let our dog in to eat the mess on the floor.
By 14 months he was managing the spoon (mostly) and things just progressed from there. I used to always put a spoon in his food from ten months, he just used to rub it and the food in his hair though, so I just used to wash his hair every day.

My son is now 6, he eats 3 meals a day at the table with us using a knife and fork on our usual dinnerware (OK its not bone china but its our usual dinner service), he eats two snacks a day and during growth spurts has a bed time snack as well.

When baby is young, just go with the flow a bit, it makes both your lives less stressfull.

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