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Please advice if its too soon to take my boy for circumcision or should i wait when its winter season, will reall appretiate it if you can also advice on the best doctors in Pretoria East (FAERIE GLEN) where i can take him

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Circumcision is only performed if there is a definite and sound medical reason for the operation. I am unable to assist you with the names of paediatricians in your area. If you phone the Dept of Paediatrics at the Pretoria Acadenmic Hospital you will be able to obtain the names of specialists in Pretoria East.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical exmanication, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.

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Posted by: concerned | 2008/08/12

Is it important to have your child circumcised?And what age is the best?Please assist

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Posted by: Anon | 2008/01/27

Marie, I strongly disagree with Paediatrician and with Mom above. Circumcision is NOT ONLY done for medical reasons. Neither one have looked at or addressed any benefits of being circumcised. There are plenty. Their view is it hurts the baby, not necessary, etc, etc. True to a degree, but there are tremendous benefits, not to mention aesthetic value as well. Paediatrician works with infants and young children and will only want to address circumcision if there is a problem. Well guess what??? They do not address parents like you who feels it best that their son be circumcised for reasons that you chose. Paediatricians also do not address foreskin or sexual problems when the boy or man is in the prime of his sex life. And they do happen probably more often than reported because most men do not even want to address these issues with their doctors for fear of embarrassment. Mom above states her husband is still mad because his parents had the foresight to have him circumcised as an infant he feels robbed. So what was he robbed of?? A piece of skin that could have resulted in a very painful circumcision as an adult. No smegma or smell of his penis. Having intercourse with his wife and riding in and out of his own foreskin and not having his wife feel his gliding in and out. Not peeing all over and around the toilet because his stream as a young boy would have been all over the place with a foreskin over the glans of his penis. His mother or maid not having to clean all over the bathroom because of it. Not running a very high risk of being a young boy getting his first pair of pants with a zipper and catching his foreskin in the zipper or even nipping it with a zipper when in a hurry, which boys always are. Not being turned down by a woman because his penis smells getting erect and exposing smegma, which an uncircumcised penis always gives off or getting oral sex. Having an increased possibility of having a UTI because urine and smegma are trapped under the foreskin as compared to a circumcised boy. Much less likelihood of contracting HIV because HIV has the ability of penetrating the inner foreskin in an uncircumcised penis when the foreskin rolls back over the glans creating the perfect moist dark area to "infect" a man. So what did Mom benefit? I more aesthetically looking naked husband, the bliss of a circumcised lover, No smell, no smegma, probably a very enjoyable sex life and the ability to have sex at will when the moment arrives without having to first take a shower, scrub his penis, lose the pleasure of the moment and know that her chances of cervical cancer and many infections are significantly decreased because her in-laws had the foresight to have him circumcised because they thought it was best for their son. I wish more parents would look at the real value and pleasure of being circumcised instead of bitching about being uncircumcised and having to deal with so many "issues" and then stating that "he should decide for himself" when he is old enough. By then he may have had so many problems in his life already that the pain, thoughts and end result don't seem to be right in that state of mind. Almost all circumcised men are very happy with their status, but I will agree that there are men like Mom's husband that feel they have been deprived of their foreskins, but really don't know how lucky they really are . I'd say keep looking and find a doctor that can help with your wish to get your son circumcised. I wish that I had been circumcised as an infant and not have to go through it as an adult and so do many other men. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Posted by: Mom | 2007/12/12

Why cut your son? Thats his body and his choice, You cant put it back. My husband is still to this furious with his parents for doing it to him as a child, do you want the same thing?

If there is no medical reason, please dont.

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Posted by: marie | 2007/12/10


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